Fair and Random Cards?

Six years ago I won $380,000,000 in play money on Empire Poker at zero cash cost. They then established a policy that $200,000 would be the maximum play money that could be accrued. I lost $360,000,000 in play money and my interest in the site. I have purchased $800 worth of Repeat Play chips in the past month–30,000,000 chips or so. I am down to 3,000,000 chips. Three possible reasons would explain this dismal performance: 1) The high stakes players are superior to me

  1. The cards dealt are not random (I frequently fold to see a strong hand on the flop, I rarely hit what I need on the bridge or river, I lose to flushes more often than I recall) (Several players have incredible luck.) If were paranoid, I would suspect that once Repeat Play finds a player that I will keep buying, his or her cards will no longer be random. 3) I will be 85 years old on 7 May and my brain has slowed. I congratulate you on your excellent and improving site. JoeBtfsplk