Failure to recieve chips won

on jan. 20 at 12:00 i won 460000 chips and never recieved credit

I’ve checked your bank records and the prize was credited to your account, here is the bank record:

Created at (EST -05:00) Username Reason Change Description Operation Total Chips Jan 20, 2014 11:52 lefty123 winning_deposit 46,000 1st place in mtt 161052 deposit 439,261

Perhaps there was a slight delay updating. Let us know if you still think something is wrong.

irecieved 46000 and it should have been 460000 at 11:52 jan 20

Hi lefty

It was the 200k freeroll, with a total prize pool of 200k and 18 places paid. The the winner in that freeroll (also it are fixed prizes) wins 46k

200k Daily Freeroll - 200,000 chip

Tournament ID: #161052 Tournament Finished Winners 1st lefty123 46,000 chip