i see all pokersites on facebook give out free chips once a week 2 draw in new players would this be somthing worth thinking about,

To be clear only for new players? a draw only, aka selected players random? This bring up lots of bad too Like old players get upset or new players who dont get thet chips. Even I see more cheaters use this … as we see before… +Im not sure , will RP chip economy allow thet?, I dont see the stats. Give out more chips free , it may give negative impact on the site, much more then good. Its already given out much more what it should…

Thanks ashley09, I’ve seen that too. I think it’s a nice incentive to sign up as a facebook fan, we’ll look into it, whether it’s something we can set up.

RP is already giving out 2500 chips a day to the people that play every day thats more than enough you dont want to bring down the value of the chips

its a way 2 advertise the site,which will bring in more players,u dont need to give chips every week u can do it everyfortnight or once a month to see how it works to see if it brings more ppl to this great site