Face book passwords

why post passwords to enter games on face book yet when i go their i ca find no pass word for the game. their are several other features with the site that eed to be explained also. the billionth hnd guess i cannot find where to submitt my guess. its almolst like a secret that only a few are allowed to know, if you do not buy chips or pay in some way you are not allowed to enter these type of games


Click on the Like us on Facebook. You don’t need to be a Facebook member. On the next screen just click on the X to close the box. Search or scroll for this Week’s Password, this week it is MARATHON.

There was a Forum thread where you were able to post your prediction but, it’s now closed for additional predictions.

Sorry, I don’t understand this question.

I hope this helps.

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Hi @smooth99 thank you so much for helping a fellow player, we appreciate you!

@xxxplaytoyxx you’re able to play at any tables whether you buy chips or not, as long as you have the chips or tickets for the buy-in entry fee. Please let me know if there’s anything else we can assist.

Good luck at the tables!

You’re welcome. Btw, keep up the good work.

I’ve been here a long time and other players would always help another. All they had to do was ask. I’m just trying to return their favors when I can.


That’s so awesome. Glad to be part of this amazing community! :heart: