Extreme bug alert please help


watch the hand why the **** is revealed!!!

help me please dont ignore

I’m not totally sure but if you look at the very beginning of the hand it looks as though Lu9028 went ‘all in’ for zero chips, before immediately leaving the table, which explains why the hand was shown. I think that they might have pressed all in and left the table at exactly the same time which caused this bug, but you could email support if you want to get a more knowledgeable answer.

look the previous https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/229250176
Lu9028 seat out-seat in several times. probably @flyinghigh111 right about that all in.

It ruined my table image. Until then i appeared tight agg

Honestly your table image doesn’t mean anything at that level on Replay. The best tactic is to just wait for a good hand and get it all in with a lot of aggression. I bet nobody even wrote a note on you or even noticed.

flyinghigh111 does a great job of answering this query in such a polite and (for all I know) accurate manner. I’m sorry to say that I’d have gone with “…a hand for 1…2…8…8 ! 8 whole chips - so who cares!!!”. If there’s a bug, it’s a problem, though. One teensy extra point - could the “Call any” button be made to swap places with the less expensive one (“Check”, I seem to recall…) ? It occasionally leads to inadvertent and/or expensive mistakes. Anyone else with stupid fingers experience this phenomenon?