Extra time for those hard decisions

You begin the game with a time bank. Your time bank is tap into when you run out of time. This time bank will replenish as you play more hands. Thoughts?

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i do fully agree with you that it would be a great idea.
it is already offered several times by several people (me included). i believe sassy sarah was the first one mentioning it (not fully sure), and also posted it in the forum about improving replay. fizzymint reacted about agreeing in the idea, but having priority in improving from flash to HTML first, because that would speed up the process for adding any thing into replay.

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Great memory :+1:t2: Exactly correct !

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Sorry, I am fairly new to Replay Poker and did not know this have been suggested before. Old threads did not show up in Similar Topics when i made my thread. Thanks for the reply.


No worries – welcome to the site (and the forum)! :slight_smile: Our forum software is admittedly not always the most intuitive.

It is a great suggestion and one our community really desires. We hope to prioritize this once our major projects are complete.


hope you enjoy it here, gl on the tables.

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Welcome !!!

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It’s a fine idea except for one thing.
In MTT play, we all have run into those players who drag every decision out for as long as possible in order to allow players at other tables to bust out ahead of them.
Tho the “tactic” just described is a valid one, (the slower the table you play at, the higher your final ranking), the mental pain inflicted on the other players at that table is inexcusable and players practicing that “tactic” deserve excommunication.

Basically its less time most of the time, more time when you need it…implemented correctly, that is… so it balances itself out…

You can’t do anything about clock burners, and if its bubble time… especially since Replay has no “hand 4 hand” , its a handy tactic to employ…

SS, I’d never consider clock burning to be a “handy tactic” as it is just plain vile. I guess that’s (one reason) why I’m unsuccessful at Replay.

“dif-tor heh smusma”