Extra seats

I think that no good. We have five register ppl at eight seats table. Why they splits on two table?.. …and we have just two plyrs on one table. Three free seats is more than 20 % if all seat on one table

There was a last change …

Paul Gould (Official Rep) 1 month ago Two more changes to improve things:

  1. If the number of players remaining in the tournament matches the number of prize winning places, then late registration closes immediately.

  2. Always have a minimum of 4 seats reserved (ie if 10 players sign up then still reserve 4 extra seats and not just 2 (based on 20% extra seating rule)).

Last week we had a tour with only 3 players, 6 seats per table, 4 seats reserved. That means 2 tables, 1 table with 2 players and 1 table with only 1 player. One player had to wait untill another player joined by late registration or untill the late registration was done.

And sometimes the late registration is done in 1 or 2 mins. Not sure we have / can change something about it.

ok hap ,

"…One player had to wait… "


ok hap ,

"…One player had to wait… " LOL

I saw it happen, 3 players and 2 tables.

Than i opened the table and told the player that nothing was wrong with the

tour, but that he stayed alone at table untill a player will join by late registration or untill the late registration was done.

Glad in 1 min another player joined:)…i do not think this happens often, hope this was an exception. Last weeks i see more players in tourney’s.

In this tournament Happiness, how many seats where there at the tables? I’m guessing 6? I agree players should never be split between tables leaving just one player alone, we’ll fix that.

Sarkozi, happiness is right we have a minimum of 4 seat rule, so when there are very few players it can mean that we create two tables even when they could all easily fit into one. So the only thing we can do is make special rules based on the number of players, and the number of seats

For example, on an 8 seat table, how many seats should be reserved when there are only 4,5,6 etc players? If say we only reserve 2 seats, that means 6 players can sit together at one table, but it also limits how many more people can join. Remember we need to create the extra tables and reserve the seats when the tournament beings, that’s the problem. If it’s a 9 seat table or a 6 seat table, again how many seats should we reserve or how many players should sit together before they get split? Your thoughts would be appreciated!

For this example I was thinking how one table is enough, but I dont want to complicate. In any case now is better then b4, I respect 4 seat rules . greeting and thanks 4 answer

Just a little confused, so, is it possible to have late “Late Registration”?

Yes B17, we have late registration.

The point that sarkozi was making is that because we have a rule whereby every tournament has a minimum of extra 4 seats reserved for late registration. If it’s a 9 seat table tourneys and there are 6 players entered, it means that 2 tables will be created to accommodate the 6+4 and you enter up with two tables of 3 players each, with 4 seats reserved across those 2 tables. Hopefully that makes sense.

geez , not again …

Patience sarkozi, we will work this out to everyones satisfaction, maybe some growing pains.

OK, just so we don’t have extra late registration for Croatians only. That would be unfair.

I think they should do away with late registration or at least take it down to 5 minutes

i tried to join with late registration xmas mourning 10am 6666 tourny it had started 4 mins ago there where 11 players on 10 seat tables but it would not let me in it said accepting late reg so i tried to enter when i could not get in i went back to lobby and laccepting late reg was gone and it was only 6mins into tourny again with 11players on 10 seat tables

I think how u 2 much think last few day :stuck_out_tongue: