Extra real-time stats (avg pot, plr/flp, h/hr) in the lobby

H/hr = hands per hour

Helps determine if table is slow moving or fast.

Avg Pot = average pot size

Helps give an indication of how much action the players at the table are giving. The higher this figure is, the greater the amount of money you can expect to win when we make a good hand.

Plrs/flp = average players per flop

Helps to show how loose the players at the table are playing. If this figure is high, then you can assume that the players have low starting hand requirements while if the figure is low, you can assume that the players are tight, and will only see flops with a good starting hand.

We’re planning to start work on this shortly.

Thats a good idea

We’ve just added H/hr, Avg Pot and Avg Stack to the ring game lobbys, we’ll be adding Plrs/flp later this month (it’s a bit more complicated to do!) Enjoy!

good job

btw. what about the statistics of the tournament

Which stats would you want for the tournament? We already show largest, average and smallest stacks.

For the ring game you should also show the average pot / average stack ratio.

The higher this ratio is the players are betting more wildly. People who dislike ‘all in betting style’ may get a picture which tables to avoid.

simply stats at table, hands played, hands won, flop seen … and if posible stats for the whole tour, without resetting after changing table

I like this idea!

table stats great addition ****