Explain a sit and go table

explain a sit and go table

Hello awrwell, i try to explain it for you.

In each lobby you see 2 Sit and Go tournaments, they are all on the Sit & Go Tournaments tab too (which is the Sit & Go Tournament page) If you register for the Sit & Go Fast Try Out in the low stake lobby (you can also subscribe to the Sit & Go Tournament page) and there are 6 registered the tour start. When 6 players are registerd in a 6 seat Sit & Go it start to run. And in a 9 seat Sit & Go it start when 9 players are registerd.

I must say the Sit & Go tours in the low stake lobby are running often, the others not yet.

You can register in all Sit & Go Tournaments when you have enough chips on your bank. You dont have to be medium or high stake to register in the higher Sit & Go tournaments.

Good luck and have fun:)


We currently offer two types of tournaments, Sit & Go (SGTs) and Multi-Table (MTTs). SGTs can start at any time, just as soon as the minimum number of players required have joined. MTTs are scheduled throughout the day. Both types of tourneys are listed in the Tournament Lobby and this is also where you register to enter.

Sit’n’go Tournament

The Sit’n’go tournament starts as soon as the pre-determined number of players are seated.