Experiencing severe lag at the top of every hour

A recent issue that seems to be recurring is that at the top of every hour and for a few minutes afterward the site starts to lag so bad that it becomes unplayable (it’s cost me a good deal of chips by timing me out of winning hands I was in). It also happened during two multi-table tournaments I entered in the past couple of days (in one tournament there would sometimes be a couple of minutes pass between a hand ending and the next being dealt). At all other times the play progresses normally and smoothly.

It began around May 14th for me, or at least that’s when it became impossible to ignore. I asked other players in chat if they were experiencing the same thing and at least in the case of the tournaments they said they were. So it doesn’t appear to be an issue that exists on my end, or at least not completely on my end.

I don’t know what to do on my end other than clearing out my cache and seeing if things improve (they don’t). I posted this thread because it’s an issue that inspires me to stop playing for the rest of the day, especially when I lose a large pot I would have otherwise won thanks to timing out. I also posted it because I’m not sure if it’s entirely an issue with the site but don’t know what else to do to try to fix it.

I had that happen to me before every day that i played and found that it was poor internet that made me go crazy. Now I have a very dependable service and that happens now every couple of months. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. :slight_smile:

My connection is almost twice as fast and much more reliable than it was where I was living last year, so I doubt that that’s what is causing what I’m experiencing.

Troubleshooting also involves ruling out all the possibilities that are not the case, so every reply is helpful.

I have a very fast PC also(custom built for video editing) with 60 mbps ethernet connection.
Whenever the lag gets too bad for me I switch from Chrome to Slimjet and the problem disappears.
The only reason I don’t use Slimjet all the time is because it won’t replay hands for some reason.

It’s happening again after not having been an issue for about two months, and getting folded out of hands because it runs out the clock is occasionally costing me chips to the point where if I notice the time I’ll sit out for a few minutes around the top of each hour.

It’s always running smoothly again within 3 or 4 minutes after the hour. Sometimes I see it happening to others at the table at the same time (sometimes they mention it in chat, sometimes it appears to me to be be what’s happening but I’m not sure).

Just wanted to mention it.

GrandyB: That would probably work for me, though I wouldn’t be able to tell if changing browsers is what fixed the problem or if it fixed itself in the time it took to switch browsers and get back to a table (since it usually only lasts for a couple of minutes, tops).

Since that time I don’t use Chrome to play anymore…I always use Slimjet and I’ve had no problems.
I keep an open notepad to copy/paste any hand numbers that I may want to replay in the future.
That said, if you and others have noticed it happens at the top of the hour might be valuable information for support and may be worth reporting.

I thought that posting here was reporting it since this is the ‘Suggestions and Feedback’ section, and it’s still happening but at random and mostly in the mornings. It was particularly bad at 8am CST today (which is why I’m here posting and not at a table playing).

I could be wrong but I don’t know that support staff (the people that do coding and fix glitches) hang out here.
If you notice a persistent and repetitive issue I would report it to support@replaypoker.com