Am i imagining this,or are there a lot less players actually playing since the beta tables came along.Maybe just coincidence,but i find four to five hundred players less than normal at the time I usually play.

It’s a good question. I often check current players online & actually playing and actually playing count does seem lower ATM, although i think 400-500 might be too high an estimation. Currently playing seems possibly down maybe 100-200.

I’m sure replay doesn’t want to say this is true - much like propaganda economist spit trying to maintain & stimulate economy. At a guess I would say low stakes ring games is at least 45%-60% of all poker players on replay. That’s purely a speculative/educated guess that might be way off. The fact is the new tables are currently operating on ALL low stakes: 1/2, 2/4, 5/10, 10/20, 25/50 EXCEPT 50/100.

If players don’t like the new tables some will shift to higher stakes to avoid them BUT I’m sure many will stop playing. I think it’s rather disappointing the testing process. Some players will ONLY play very low stakes like 1/2 & 2/4 etc whilst other players will NEVER play low stakes. This means a lot of players are basically forced to test the new tables, whilst other players won’t test them until much later & again are forced to test them. IMO there should be at least 1 or 2 in MED stakes to test as an option by this stage of testing the new tables. Also i think replay could offer incentives to either be testers or test the tables etc.

Thanks for the question. I hope others will respond especially if they have stopped playing and give their thoughts on the new tables.

Its twofold… extremely poor players/new players and android/ios users.

50/100 has a min buyin of 5k, anyone starting out or having to use topp-off, won’t usually have many chips and is forced to play lower levels in the LOW bracket of rings. Most new players also start with rings. My recent experience trying Chrome on a tablet and the beta tables, taught me that there must be alot of unhappy people.

The last thing in the world, should be all the tables a new-to-replay player sees… are those beta tables. I’m more worried about all the new ppl we lose that never stay, while the months go by and the beta tables still aren’t 100%.

The Flash tables are polished, look professional, and are funtional to ALL browsers I have tried them on. The beta tables, don’t and no browser I have, doesn’t have some issues. Thats including both my Tablet/Laptop.

Because of a few recent Promotions, I have had to play on the beta tables. Sure they are getting better, but they don’t include everything we currently have… making them very unfuctional along with the stuff still with glitches.

It is impossible for me to play and test @ the same time. While I do think beta tables should be open to everyone, I don’t think there should be so many of then yet. I also reduced my testing time due to the fact that fix’s don’t come in 1-2 days, more like 2-4 weeks. Therefore its only valuable for me to test every 1-2 months, or I’m just sending feedback on the same things that don’t seem to get fix’d. That just makes me a Nagg, and turns off the dev team, so I don’t do it.

To some degree I am unclear what The Dev Team wants in feedback anymore. I do think that the premise of this thread may be true. We are prolly losing ppl, and also not attracting as many in the process.



Thanks for you input. Firstly though as OP asked: are there a lot less players? You seem to indicate YES, but u didn’t say specifically.

I understand your point about new players, buy in, bankroll etc probably better than 99% of people you will chat with. I’m sure almost all new players will play low stakes to begin with & then will decide whether or not they like replay and in what capacity they will play. The top-off feature is irrelevant & generally a bad idea to use BUT completely unnecessary in any case. I only use it when playing lower stakes where I’m very comfortable losing chips & want to stay max to gamble MAX. Basically its good for low stakes poker slot machine poker if im in the mood.

As i said ppl/players will chose to play how they want. That’s why your buy in 50/100 5k isn’t really relevant in general to most players mentality/thinking. Some player choose to play 2/4& 4/10 OR, 10/20, 25/50 etc ranked below 2000, more 10M chips after playing over 5 years - which is extremely passive & timid. Generally speaking you right. Its in part BC they are bad players per say BUT at least 95% of replay is bad players. Even most of the players that think they are good are bad. I prefer not to label them good/bad bc its such a vague blanket label. If players have over 1000* MIN buy ins and thats what they want to play that tells me a lot more that they are a bad player.

As I’ve said I dont think replay cares about tablets/iPad/Android sadly. I dont want to hate on the new tables BUT i personally dont like em. I keep playing them, TESTING, but I’m really just trying to adapt & accept the new tables for the disappointing inevitable future. The new replay table are here to stay I’m fairly certain, its just a matter of time before its our only option on RP. Having said that though i honestly dont think the new tables are bad, just not as good as the old tables. I honestly feel that new RP players wont be disappointed or turned away by the new tables. That certainly doesn’t mean they couldn’t be a lot better than they currently are. In the end I think we will need to settle for a little better though. :frowning:

I honestly think the new tables should have been tested more diversely across different stakes. I think it’s less TESTING & more slowly infiltrating this new virus throughout RP.

ALSO RE testing does RP even post in the community? I know they respond but it would be nice to get more feedback etc for everyone on what is going on etc.

RP posts their progress every few days in this thread.

From my perspective, I think they’ve been doing a great job of keeping the community informed of their progress and responding to actionable complaints. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, if you have something to bring to the development teams attention, you need to make it actionable: “The user’s card ranks are too small to read on an iPad,” is something that can be addressed, while “I don’t like the new cards,” is not.

Mixing the stakes at which they roll out the new tables as a great suggestion, one I hadn’t seen before. If it’s not too late, I hope they incorporate it into future rollout phases. Good call, @sassy_sarah.

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Since I rarely play low stakes, it wasn’t untill I basically was forced to use the beta tables again for promotions that I tried them again. I cannot say for sure if there is a persistant decrease in “players online” but I can say from the ppl I talk to that the beta tables are just not rdy yet to be site wide.

Because of the threads about Flash, I know there are prolly many ppl that use Puffin or another browser when Chrome no longer included flash support. Take just the segment of Chrome users for example. Up untill a couple days ago, I didn’t know that if I tried Chrome for the new tables it would be just as crappy as with Puffin currently.
Because I know it makes a difference, I always choose “Request desktop site”, so to me why should 1 new version of chrome display/use a site differently than another new version of chrome. ( Chrome vs Chrome mobile )

Dogs, for years we have been told to wait for the HTML5 update for some features that the comminuty has wanted for long time and Replay didn’t have staff to devote to those chgs. Currently the tables don’t seem to even have everything the old tables have, and very few of the additions we’ve wanted for years. I think part of any Exodus will be those dissillusioned about the trajectory of replay going forward and the speed, or lack thereof , of the progress. The rest will be those why try Replay and never stay.

I think there are a couple things I really like about the beta tables, but they don’t have the functionality the old tables have so thats a problem, for me, and when I did try Chrome it was horrible and I fear Firefox will be just as bad. It I didn’t want the beta’s to succeed, I wouldn’t test or send in feedback. I hear privately that players are already looking for options should Replay no longer work for them.

I refuse to debate how long any 1 chg should take but the 1 biggest opinion I have heard is the table itself. It would take a competent graphic designer less than a day to redo the felt, background, and graphics … for 3 colors, and diff background for final table. Then the code only needs to know which pic file to use and when, just as it does now with red/blue/green tables. This would go a LONG way to make the beta tables look alot more professional, yet in 2 months hasn’t chg’d.

So Dogs, its just a feeling I have by the # of players I see online and the comments I hear privately, that tells me a Exodus could loom on the horizon. I have my list of reasons to “find another site to play @” but the straw that will break this camel’s back will be the HTML5 update.


Why the field of Green and no Table yet? Hidden in the downsized Cards I bet…

Unfortunately, yes. I was really hoping HTML5 was going to use less CPU time than flash, because my laptop’s awful processor can barely handle a flash table as it is. Honestly, even if it gets to the point where it runs more efficiently than flash, I still don’t want to play on these tables for most of the reasons mentioned in the 3+ threads floating around about the new tables.

The performance will be a moot point for me once I get my desktop on-grid again, (it can brute force 6 flash tables no problem) but all the rest of it will not be. I’m very much in agreement with Sarah regarding the graphic design. Surely there’s 50 or 100 quid in the budget to pay for a day’s work by a freelance graphic designer. Hopefully that’s on the to-do list soon.

But yeah, the new isn’t even doing what the old continues to do “well”. Definitely want to remedy this ASAP or the Exodus may come to pass as described when there are no flash tables left.

I’m new to the community so i wasn’t sure if/where RP posted new table progress/updates. Thanks for the info.

I really feel RP has missed a good opportunity to get some good testing done by the way they have rolled out these new tables. Seem like they started started at the lowest stakes 1/2, and slowly moved up the stakes higher & higher, 2/4, 5/10, 10/20, 25/50.

I know LOW stakes has a massive % of RP players for “testing” BUT I’m fairly certain the majority of these low stakes players aren’t interested in testing and probably won’t bother giving feedback either. The MED & HIGH stakes has a lot of players that currently don’t really get to TEST and offer feedback. There are some valuable TESTERS not being offered the opportunity to TEST. Many players in HIGH stakes regularly buy chips which helps support RP. If the new tables eventually catch up with them and they don’t like them they may simply walk away which is going to cost RP $$$.