Exceeding max buy ins

The table I just joined says to “bring between 25,000 and 100,000 chips”. Why did the guy I just played bring 552,000 chips? What gives? People like that can bully you out of every blind. REAL casino have min and max buyins. How about starting to reflect reality?

Hi Bawdo

On Replay Poker players can join a table with an amount between the min and max bring-in. Only when players won and leave the table with an amount higher as the max bring-in, they can only return the first hour with the amount of chips they left the table. It is not possible that players leave the table with 552.000 chips on that table and return in a couple of mins with only 100.000 chips. It would not be fair to put your wins on the bank and return to the same table with a lower bring-in again, After one hour players can (and must) sit with an amount between the min and max bring-in again.

Greetings Happiness.