Everyone is different

Take … ohh TheBigBangTheory or even classic TV M *A *S *H …

Do you really sit there and watch Hawkeye, BJ, and Charles… and just whine and complain about Hawkeye and BJ, do you complain about Charles … Haykeye is a Jokester !! Most of the time… Its freak’n all in good fun… or say perhaps Sheldon, Leanord, Howard, & Raj … They’re friends, even tho they have no clue why kinda … cause Sheldon and Howard are sooooo out there.

Take Scorpion… 4 super IQs and a real down to earth reg person… most ppl just don’t think like they do… its not thier fault, but society treats them as outcasts…

Those who live in Glass houses, should NOT throw rocks @ others.


Good thoughts, S_S. My only complaint about Big Bang is that cursed laugh track that is often disproportionate to the humor. Like the comedy of Jack Benny, Big Bang and MASH were character-based humor, which will always be the best kind.
More seriously, every one of us is born as an individual. We are nurtured, taught, and raised as individuals. We then live, make our decisions, plan and work toward our goals, as individuals. Eventually, we die and will be saved or damned, so to speak, as individuals. If we learn to treat each other as individuals, rather than as fungible groups–and we’ll never exhaust the ways to divide ourselves into those groups–everyone will be much happier. Like poker, life is social, but not exclusively so.
Ron (Alan25main)

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Well, they are making some really strong glass these days…

ohh soo true