Every hand

how do you combat the people that play all day, every day, and they play every single hand. just pushing the buttons. Any suggestions please?

I generally don’t focus on any specific players and think it’s up to me to battle them.

If you find yourself in a pot with that guy, make whatever adjustments you need to based on his post flop tendencies. Is he playing fit or quit on the flop? Does he tend to call a c bet, then fold to a turn bet? Have you seen him chase all the way to the river?

If the guy calls too much, bluff less. If he folds too much, bluff more, and so on. I wouldn’t be afraid to play a hand with a guy like that, but we’ll be playing on my terms, not his.

You didn’t provide enough information to say much more than that.

Look at their player ranking. If they are ranked low, just wait them out and then smash them with monsters. If they’re highly ranked, stay out of their way unless you have position and great cards.

Providied Replay doesn’t fold you like it just did with me!
Flopped trip J’s a player bet 10k i wanted to reraise and BAM site folded me.
Not the first time this has happened.

Combat? It’s a game, not a war. Go to another table & enjoy the game.