Event #14 - odd behavior

Something strange is happening with RPOS Event #14.

Notice what happens to the recently busted names. They keep climbing behind the low stack. For instance, with 35 players left, “will_lira” is 36th. With 34 players left, same player is 35th. With 33 players left, same player is 34th. I’m not certain this is affecting tournament point distribution, but it’s odd.

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As a follow up, notice “will_lira” is now 26th. Mind you, I’m not incriminating anyone, I assume this is a programming glitch, like the Royal tournament that was seated as a 9-seater.

That is strange, but looks like wil_ira will get 1st or 2nd place instead of 36th lol, let us know after the game where she /he ends up

Another follow up. Different tournament.

Notice that “poolzcool” has just busted in 43rd place. I took a screenshot of the lobby a few moments later.

The lobby now indicates that "poolzcool: busted in 45th place.
A few of the names above that player kept rising behind the low stack, just as above. Perhaps this is simply a display glitch and is not affecting tournament points. Hopefully, someone at Replay can verify.

strange. where did wil_ira finish cause it looks like she/he was in 26th place from 36th place and keeps placing better every time a player goes out

According to the Finished Lobby, “will_lira” finished in 26th place. I should point out that a few names rose behind the low stack. Right behind “will_lira” was “rogman13” who was 37th in the first screenshot, yet ended up placed at 33rd. The odd behavior eventually stops, somewhat randomly.

well i hope the tech support team looks into this because this could be going on in many tourneys and no one caught on to it like u did. also they need to make sure the payouts and tourney points match exactly where they really finished. im surprised no help was offered here yet, to mention it will be looked into.

I’ve noticed the same thing happening in the other tourneys I’ve played tonight. A name or names gets pulled up the list, though it eventually stops. For the sake of added information, here’s another set of screenshots.

Notice that “grassain” has just busted in 35th place.

A moment later, the lobby says the player was 37th place. And I observed the player “DONVERGAS77” pulled up the list for quite a while. Didn’t take screenshots of that.

To be clear, I’m not making accusations. Just trying to point out that something seems wrong. And it seems to be happening in all the tournaments.

What is happening is :
as ppl bust out the program is not listing ppl in order as they go out, it is just adding more names to ppl @ 0 … it has never in 4 years shown correct results, nor do I assume it is programmed to show it correcty…

this is not a glitch, more of an oversight… or the fact of late registration screws up the display somehow… but I have seen this after late reg is over also… ppl are still getting thier t-pts as they bust out, but it does bring up a even better point or question…

if player Aaaaaaaa busts out 40th of 50 ppl, and his/her t-pts are calculated on that, then 20 more ppl enter… then player Bbbbbbbb busts out in 65th … are his points calculated differently as the # of runners will have changed by this point…

I have always wondered if points should be only awarded AFTER the MTT is over so that the # of runners is calcualted equally for all players… currently it is possible to calculate 2 players t-pts differently during the same MTT, for the simple fact that the # of runners have changed between the time each player busted out.


No, the examples I’ve shown are far past that point, where more players are registering. All the screenshots I’ve shown are after that.

And, I often have the lobby up on the side, if I’m deep in a tournament. I observe the bust-outs and information there. I would have seen this behavior before.

This is something new. As I wrote above, I have no idea if this is affecting tournament points. I haven’t noticed being shorted on the leaderboard, so perhaps it’s just a display glitch.

so what u are saying sassy is that if u join a tourney when it starts then u are getting more points if u bust out the 1st hand of a tourney than busting out in the 16th minute of a tourney right after registrations close and all players are in? or are u stll getting less because the number of runners were less whrn u busted out?

it looks like these u are showing are 3 different games, the 1st few screenshots show a 15k buy in at top of table screen, then it shows a 500 game, and your last shot shows a 2500 buy in at top of table pic. are u aware these are 3 diff games that u are showing? if so then it is happening in more if not all tourneys

What I’m saying is we know there are certain oddities or bugs around here, that staff is working on… but yes… I’m saying exactly that, that if the program simply makes the calculation and awards T-pts, as the tourny is in progress, it is quite possible to have 1 person’s based on 30 runners, and after late reg starts all oithers are calculated on more runners… say 50 or more.

The program doesn’t care if there’s late reg or not… u bust it does the calc and awards you your points. Whereas it shouldn’t award points till AFTER late reg, or for that matter @ the end of the tournament. You can also see this for those players that never play and get removed after level 3… they never played and should be @ the bottom of the list of entrants, and the person who played 3 hands still should “finish” above the level 3 rejects… but that also is not represented.

I just think as ppl bounce out,… the program is not directed to list those players in any “specific” order… this also creates another problem with transparancy… If I wanna calc another players points, but cannot pinpoint what place they actually went out, I cannot keep track myself. Therefore if there is a problem with the calc, only staff can see it because only they ( hopefully ) can parse the database, and determine the exact order of finish of every player… since the lobby is obviously incorrect.

I never worried about it, noticed it 3 years ago… as I said , I think its an oversight in the code rather than any deliberate shananagans… but it would be great if this was fix’d.


( Florida, you can test out this tho in real time… enter a MTT, bust out 1st… then after late reg see how many runners there are, and do the calc again… compare what you got, to what you get after late reg ends, and you know the exact # of runners. )

Not sure how else to say it. I’ve been studying lobby information here for a year and a half and this behavior is new. The information I’ve shown above all comes long after Late Reg is over.