Ev question

This is a theoretical hand, loosly based on a hand i kinda think i remember, a little.
blinds? 100/200
pot? 2,500
flop comes As 5s 5h
BB shoves 2,500
2otb shoves 6,500
pot 11,500
button to act with Ks Js and 4,500 chips
aval. pot 9,500?
is this a negative ev call? why?
does the pair figure in, or is that a completely different decision?
as i recall, I called, missed the spade, and lost to AA 55

Against an Ace and one other player holding any two cards, you’re about 29% to win. 4500 to win 11500 is -EV at those odds. You’re only getting 2.5:1 pot odds.