Entered into Sit-and-Go Game that I Did Not Enter!

My ID was entered into Miami Beach 2 high stakes board. I did not know about this until I checked My Hands list. When I saw this hand that I supposedly played on Miami Beach 2, I clicked on it and reviewed the hand. It showed my ID sitting at the table, anteing 1000 chips, and then immediately folding and leaving the game. The 1000 chip ante was then deducted from my chip total. The trouble is, I did not do this. I have never played on Miami Beach 2 or any other high stakes board. I have never even looked at the listings of high stakes boards. I have no idea how my ID managed to get seated at Miami Beach 2. Can my 1000 chips be refunded to my account? If this could happen to me, then it is something that could happen to others as well and it might be something you would wish to look into. Thank you.

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In my case, this 1000 chip loss showed on my Activities list. That’s how I knew this had occurred.

Yes, I agree. This is something that Replay should look into. Apparently there are ways that someone can enter a either a tourney or a sit-and-go game with someone else’s ID. In my case, they didn’t play at all. They just entered the high stakes game, put up the 1000 chip ante, and then folded and left.

And your friend wasn’t even logged in? That is really strange. Again, in my case, I was logged in. In fact, I had just left a low-stakes Sit-and-Go game when this occurred. I suspect that if Replay goes back and looks at my activity, they will be able to see this. I have the hand # of the game I did not play on.

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Hi Boalt_Hall

What is the hand number? You find it on the page Activity. Is it possible you used the button “Quick Play” in the header?

Hello Happiness! No, I tried to think of anything I might have done that caused this, including the Quick Play button, but I cannot. I do not think I clicked the Quick Play button. Immediately after leaving the game I had been playing, I went directly to my profile to see if my chip total reflected the results of the game I had been playing. It had, but then immediately after that, it indicated that I had just lost a 1000 chips. When I went to my Hands Played, I saw this hand on Miami Beach 2 that I had not played on at all. A question . . . If I clicked the Quick Play button, wouldn’t I have been taken directly to the game? I never was taken to that game. I only became aware of it when I saw it on my Activities list and clicked the hand replay. That is the only time I even saw the Miami Beach 2 game.

Regarding the Hand #, if you look at my current Activities List, the 10th hand listed is the hand that was supposedly played on Miami Beach 2. For time played, it says, “Less than one minute.” I clicked on this hand to Replay it, but apparently it is beyond the time that a hand can be replayed. For whatever reason, I cannot seem to get the hand to replay. I had hoped to get the hand # in this manner, but was unable to do so. Perhaps Replay is able to is able to do this?

Anyway, thank you for your help. The 1000 chips isn’t really a big deal to me. I only mentioned this because I thought others at Replay might be experiencing this and that it is something you would want to look into. Thanks again for your part in running a great poker site.

So, I’m almost certain that you got to the table through pressing the Quick Play button. Here’s the replay id: http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/78431232 - you’ll see you automatically sit in at the very end of the hand before: http://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/78431191 and then you played immediately. This would be consistent with clicking the Quick Play then closing the pop-up window. When your a high stake player we automatically sit you at the high stake table, so that makes sense too. I’ve refunded you the 1000 chips, we haven’t had any other reports like this hence I think quick play is the most likely explanation.

Just to confirm, I asked one of the devs to check our server logs and he confirmed that you did indeed click the quick play. How do we know it was you? Your ip address at the time is the same as the one you always use.

Started GET “/poker_table/quick” for XX.XXX.XXX.XXX at 2014-01-15 17:44:29 -0600

OK, if that’s what your logs show, that’s fine with me. As I said in my earlier communication, I don’t really care about the 1000 chips. I just thought that if this was a problem, you ought to know about it. Apparently it is not a problem though. I guess I just need to be more careful and avoid clicking things that I don’t wish to click on. Thanks for taking the time to look into this.

By the way, I am now at the 4-month point in my membership and am still interested in becoming a moderator.

Thanks for the reply Boalt_Hall. Congrats on 4 months! When you get to 6 months do let us know, as we generally look for that length of time as a minimum requirement for new moderators.