Enough is enough!

Pretty fed up with the growing amount of players on sleep mode when these Freeroll tourneys start. Its become a joke frankly. Last night I played on a 9 seat table and 7 players were on sleep mode for at least 25 minutes.

Its time to put a limit on how many hands they can play on away mode. It seems to be getting worse lately, especially this month. I don’t want a time limit, I want a hand limit. If these players know they must start playing within a certain amount of hands before they get booted…this nonsense might end.Hopefully.

Please get something done here!

Thank you.


I agree with you there. A lot of ppl sign to play the tourneys and set gray the whole hand whats the point in playing …

  1. Its part of the game
  2. I do not like it too…
  3. Freeroll should be more tight rules, because its free. If the ghost players number too high, then is no point to have freeroll.
  4. To end this threads, must be a separate MTT-s for low seat out time.
    Its no other solution.
    If both tipe of MTT-s would in place, should got a good result of the players choice in a month…
    Can be “original” and "House ruled " tables in the same time too.
    I know its hard to please all…

Players who register for the freerolls or another tournament and not show up are kicked at the end of level 3, for the current freerolls that is after 18 mins.

More info on this page about the no show rule

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For me and for many others that I have talked to, that’s not soon enough. It changes the entire strategy on playing blinds or not.Not to mention it gives some a advantage depending upon where they are seated.

I’m hearing you Howie_Long. We’re going to develop more flexibility in how kicking works. Right now the system is designed around it happening after X levels. There’s a downside to that, and it’s related to late registration. The way the kicking currently works it kicks after X levels (from the start of the tourney) not when players join the tourney. So if late registration is say, 15 minutes, and levels are just 6 minutes, then a player could come in on the 14th minute, and be kicked if they don’t join within 4 minutes. It also means we can’t easily reduce the kick time now, as we’d risk it happening BEFORE late registration finished, then players who were absent wouldn’t get booted. We can fix it of course, but right now, we’re working on a brand new, shiny poker server, the one we have now has served us well for the last 7 years, but it’s time a new one. Hence right now, we’re mostly stopping doing updates to the existing server, and waiting for the new server to take over, as it’ll be MUCH faster to develop on, and has all the flexbility we need, given our years of experience running the old one. I mention all this, just because it’ll take some time, we expect to roll out everything in stages, with the new server handling some of the live games before the end of the year. The full roll out will probably happen towards the end of Q1 2016, and then Q2 2016 is realistic for changes like the ones you suggested.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of visibility. Nothing worse than people saying we’ll do X, Y or Z, but no ETA… so wanted to go into a bit more detail. Hope that all makes sense! Feel free to fire questions over if you have them :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Glad you guys are working on things concerning this issue. Love this place, so keep it rocking!

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A possible solution to this issue would be to not allocate seats at a table until players click the play now button. Only players ready to play would be seated so no more ghost tables. If a registered player wishes to join during the first 3 blind levels they are seated at a new table and play continues.
might be an idea for the shiny new server :slight_smile:

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I like that idea.

I continue to experience this problem with the Freeroll games. Two active players and the rest are grey. Although they are deleted after 3 rounds, by then you are so far behind in chip count compared to other tables with active players that you are at an extreme disadvantage for placing in the money. Yesterday I got the other player to take turns folding until the third blind was finished but this is no fun and extremely boring. Plus you are still way behind the chip leaders. From now on I’m just going to give my chips to the other player and go play another game.