Enjoy your game as always. thanks

check out hand number 52958277. oops…

lol…it is Omaha, 3 of a kind in your hand is often not good. But Omaha is a great game:)

Yeah, you’re only allowed to use two cards from your four hole cards to make a hand in Omaha. So it’s correct.

I hate that about Omaha!!

This was so familiar, had to laugh again. I had the same with Omaha.

Once i had 4 of a kind in my hand and thought …yessss…I win…but…, i lost my whole stack.

hm try update your video card driver too.

May help.

when i log in it says you won 500 up to 2500 free chips where do they go i dont get them

olderthandirt@ added to your “bank” . your home page may need to refreshed.

It’s already added to your bank when you see the message. We might change it so that you can see your before and after chip count, to avoid any confusion that you didn’t receive it.