i received 49944 from endorsement drop …first off thank you and is that about the everage?


Wow! I got 7550 :frowning:

More than me too. Id say Rank 4 is well above average.

I got 50, I think.

That’s why (in my opinion that I wrote a short while back) there should be a listing of players with top end endorsements, like the top lists of players with the most chips, so the rest of us can see where we stand. Just saying…

When more players realize that the bonuses each month increase based on their level, just think how POLITE the tables will become! It’s staggering to think about…

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I don’t use it and wish players stop giving me them. I mean, I don’t even do nothing say nothing and I get one for no reason. its very flawed.

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When someone has a hissy fit, I like to give them the “Good Sport” one.

Other than that, I don’t usually bother.

But hey, if some people do like them, that’s fine with me.

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hissy fits is not a good sport. you just proven how flawed endorsements are.

How do you know how many endorsements you have? Also can you see who has endorsed you?

I can only see the % distribution by type on my profile

you cannot tell who endorses you but i always save one for you

There isn’t a total, just levels 1-? For example on my profile it shows I’m a level 3. That’s the info I would like RP to post.

You sometimes will know who sent you one if you say ‘ty’ and they reply ‘yw’ without regards to a hand you might be playing. But basically you’re right, you can’t tell.

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And don’t forget: you are not limited to the endorsements you pass out. Stay busy enuf sending them adds up (25 chips each time)…

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44,999 Monthly Endorsement Award Endorsement monthly drop… I am rank 4


What propels a player to reach these different levels? Giving out endorsements, receiving endorsements or a combination of both ?

Receiving endorsements adds to your total percentages which RP uses to calculate your ranking. Giving endorsements adds 25 chips to your account each time.

I’m pretty sure some of the top ranked players got there by endorsing everyone they see.


So the endorsement ranking system is based on how many endorsements you give out not on how many you receive ?

Good to know, thank you SPG :+1:t2:

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No Craig, I meant that those having the most chips probably got them by endorsing.

I mean look, 25 a pop, just endorse 10 million people and BAM, you have a cool quarter billio.

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