Sharon, where do you find transactions?

Click on your chips on your profile page , you will then see a dropdown … click on recent transactions

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thank you :grinning:

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isnt she the greatest

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You can replay a hand you were both in and endorse them from the replay.

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No. She’s very good but…
I am the greatest! :alien: :trophy: :1st_place_medal:
Give all your endorsements to me and my friends.!!!
:alien: :alien: :alien:
All your endorsements are belong to us!!!

say please first

I really did mean to add that and forgot.
But seriously, I only give them to a player I think did something to earn or plays a good game overall.
I only expect the same in return
Thank you ~Enjoy your stay!


how many endorsement do you need to get to each level


I’m not sure.
Good question though.

can endorsements be disabled for me? I don’t use them and don’t like getting them. thank you

Just a quick suggestion, why are the three different endorsements shown in percentages in the profile? I feel like this is unfair to people who get good scores in all three categories are misrepresented. If they showed the raw numbers it would be a better description, and you can still calculate the percentages from the numbers if your still curious about them

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I wondered about that also why a number count wasn’t used … hmmmm

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This is deliberate. There are a few factors at play with endorsement ranks, and in order to prevent abuse, we don’t show exact numbers. We’ll keep brainstorming some ways to display ranks that feel rewarding – we’ve got a long way to go with it, and have more plans in the works.


How about a Bad Beat Prize ! It,s really a nice to win some $ at a table where a bad Beat Happens.

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lol. I’d be getting that award just about every hand

I consider them a lot like smiles, Kinda fun to get and to give, dont’ cost you anything and you will probably make some people happy. Give it a shot


Can the endorsements be highlighted on on our pages, so’s we can see when someone endorses us during tourney play?

They are ! When you finish play a notification is shown on your profile page.

Other than that it’s an anonymous endorsement by design.

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How many endorsements do you need to go up a level?