I get tons of endorsements…and I remain at level 2. What happens when you get to higher level status? Why am I still at level two? Is there a guide that says how many endorsements you need for each level? What is the point of endorsements if there is no benefit? Please explain…and yes I have read the FAQ about it. Very vague.

You get awarded chips once a month for endorsements. You can see it in your bank transactions. Plus you get chips for giving endorsements.

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I guess at my level I dont really notice that stuff. I mean whats 2500 chips? thats like pocket lint for me. I just thought that they would publish something that gave people incentives…Like I said…I know there are 5 levels. I get 2 or three every day I play and Im still at level 2. And I play every day. IDK and I really dont care. but thanks for the reply. cheers.

I’m not talking about your daily chips for logging in , I said your monthly endorsement award!!! It’s once a month and posted in your bank transactions. That’s what you get for your achievements !!!

LOL so I get 25 chips for endorsing someone each time and last month I got 25K chips - given my current level. Okay…so my question remains…what is level 3, 4 and 5, how do I achieve them and what is the bonus for those said achievements? …

Each player has a RPP Level which reflects the experience the player has on Replay Poker. Each player starts at Level 1 and climbs levels by earning Replay Poker Points, aka RPPs.

RPPs are Replay Poker Points. You will earn these points simply by playing on Replay Poker. For any game you play on Replay Poker - may it be a ring-game hand, a sit’n’go tournament or a multi-table tournament - you will earn RPPs that will count towards your RPP Level.

Replay Poker Points are earned based on your activity on Replay Poker**.** These are tied to the ring-game rake and tournament fees you are participating to. You will receive 1 Replay Poker Point for each 2 chips paid in rake or tournament fees.

There is a daily earning allowance of 1,750 RPPs. This basically means you will be able to accumulate up to 1,750 Replay Poker Points per calendar day. One calendar day starts at 00:00am E.T and ends at 23:59pm E.T.

Finally, please note that there is a 5% penalty inflicted to your RPPs when you top-up at the bank. For instance, if you top-up 2,500 free chips at the bank, you will lose 125 RPPs on your experience bar.

Ok so this is new to me so we we now have a RPP level ? @fizzymint

Endorsements are different

so what is the RPP`s can you share the link where I can see this info?

Or does this mean this calculation determines our monthly monthly share of endorsement ? I have never seen any of this before so sorry for asking if its available to all to see as might have missed it

what is the experience Bar ?

Tiggs xx


its great that replay have introduced this, and all ok we don’t know what is needed for the next level as its all new and we are being rewarded, and not just because you have chips, great that we can support each other and get rewarded for being nice people :slight_smile:

Good luck at the tables and hope you get to level 3 soon

Tiggs xx

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Endorsements and RPP level are completely different as I explained above. Everyone has an RPP level and is shown under your account link. The bar increases as your RPP level increases. This is not new.

Hiya get that now as see its the RPP level what goes to 50 but was confusing as what not the question asked as that was about endorsements and endorsement levels so became confusing to all as was not about the RPP levels that are simply just there

I know each time a player awards you, you’ll receive endorsement points that contribute to your overall rank, And you can endorse 20 times in 24 hrs. that I think also contribute to your rank, The more and give and get the faster the rank moves.

You can also view the current number of RPPs that you have and how many you need to reach the next level by hovering over the progress bar under RPP Level.

RPP Level

For each 2 chips paid in rake or tournament fees, you will receive 1 Replay Poker Point. These will let you advance to higher RPP levels. Your RPP level is basically a reflection of how much experience you have had at the tables.

There’s a maximum of 1,750 RPPs that you can earn in a single calendar day. If you top up your account with free chips, you will incur a penalty of 5% of the amount of chips you receive, which will be deducted from your RPP total.

replay will NOT answer the question, why is a mystery to me (and many others) the question is more than a year old, and NOT answered by replay’s support. I also remain stuck at the same level , it’s a simple question replay, answer it

Very interesting that this has suddenly popped up. I’ve just reached Endorsement rank 3 myself, I believe earlier today as I was stuck on Rank 2 for a long time. I generally give and get a couple or more endorsements per tournament, I don’t know any exact numbers of how many you need to get/give in order to level up, but the more you get/give, the sooner you reach the next Rank I guess. Would be interesting to see my next Monthly Drop to see how many chips I get at Rank 3.

With regard to your player Level, that’s different, the higher the level, the longer you’ve been playing, but the level limit seems to be 50. Doesn’t progress above that.


approx, 25K for level 3, congrats

I stand corrected, Chips momma has answered the original question, tytyty

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As I thought, there is no stated number of endorsements that you have to give/receive in order to move up to the next Rank. I guess it just comes with time.

Does it really matter lol? popularity contest soon we will have ribbons and badgers like the scouts!

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