Empty seats

I don’t know about others but often I’m sat at a table where I wish I could be sat to the left of a certain player for what ever reason mainly to see how they bet before I commit myself.
So being as I am I got to thinking wouldnt it be great if when on a table you could switch chairs when empty chairs became available as they quite often do am I in cuckoo land on this one or is there a reason for not allowing players to change seats

Hi Tony,
If you are on a ring table there is nothing to stop you leaving the table and jumping into the empty seat that has become vacant, providing of course that there are no spectators waiting for a seat to become free.
On MTT tournaments the seats change when you are moved as people are eliminated, so in effect this happens here.
On Sit and Go tournaments you have fixed seats as it would be impossible to regulate the blinds if you were able to change seats.


thankyou I knew I was been a bit slow really lol ty now i know