Empty Seat in Ring Games

When I play in ring games, and there is an empty seat, it is lit in blue and prompts me to invite a friend. I find it very distracting. Does anyone else? Is there any way it can be muted? Thanks! I love Replay :slight_smile:


Come on seriously?!?!?! That feature just got added .

I thought I was the only one who found it irritating. It makes me think the seat is occupied which throws off my thought process when quickly trying decide how to act during a hand.


Contact Support at support@replaypoker.com and ask them if it can be disabled in the settings

I emailed them, hopefully they can do something to tone it down. It doesn’t need to ne neon blue either. Thanks for the advice!

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I hate this new feature too! I know many other ring players also hate it too from table chat in games! I was going to to create a post about how much I hate this new feature but, I guess I hate the RP forums more so I was still procrastinating to do something I hate to fix a problem that RP wont fix…

Very few players on RP use the forums or bother to send feedback to RP. For every player that complains about this annoying new feature in the forums a lot more are tolerating this feature in silence!

I did send an email to RP telling them how annoying and irritating this feature is and that i would LOVE to disable it! I expect a small portion of ring players hate it and many more dislike it, whilst the rest don’t care.

I hate seeing the blue “invite a friend” seat on every ring table I join. I hate seeing the “invite a friend” jump around “like a frog in a sock” when a player takes that seat/position or if a player leaves the frogs desired position!


Some players have 200 friends or much much more! It’s annoying to get unwanted invites! I expect some players with a lot of friends and unwanted invites will start deleting annoying friends. IMO this is a negative social/community addition to RP!

PLEASE RP at least add the option to completely disable this annoying feature!

Also I would love to disable Endorsements too! Most players in ring games dont use Endorsements anyway!

Aw, I like this feature. And I appreciate when I had some feedback for it, the devs responded.

It’s useful when some of us are trying to find a table to join that’s decent and fun

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“It’s useful when some of us are trying to find a table to join that’s decent and fun”

Bit confused here … how is this feature useful to find a table … You are At a table to use this Useless feature and anyone whom is on your friends list is shown playing at the tables by having their Icon shown in the lobby? This feature does not tell if a player is online

What I don’t understand is why the feature that Most players would like to see … That being able to see whom is watching the tables has not been roiled out as promised for years now?


I haven’t played ring games in about 5 years but this new feature doesn’t seem like a feature at all from the comments so I’ll continue to stay away from them like a lot of players do until they get straightened out and fun again. Good to read all the responses although.

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I have a suggestion, maybe it does not need to be visible, if you want a friend at the table you can just click on the empty chair and you can choose a friend and everyone will be happy! Otherwise, I think it’s a good thing! But as Goat wrote, it would have been interesting to see who is watching


Thanks for all the feedback about our new Invite a Friend feature. I passed this on to the rest of the team. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :slight_smile:


It’s been a couple of weeks, and I still don’t like this feature. It is neon blue and it is all I see when I sit at a ring game. Can it not be muted to be more harmonious with the table, instead of such a beacon. Or can it be disabled in settings please? There must be a better way so that it is not such a glaring eyesore at the table.


I’ll let you in on a secret. Suggestions from this forum are never actually implemented. If you’re lucky you might get a “I’ll pass this onto the team” from someone like chipsmama.

Replay isn’t interested in our feedback, this is just a containment board for complaints about the site.