Emerald and Opal League Changes During RPOS VII

Hi all,

Just a quick announcement about some brief changes in our Emerald and Opal Leagues while RPOS VII is running.

The Emerald Gemstone Leaderboard will NOT run for the week of September 29th through October 5th. While five of the Emerald-related events will still run with their usual 1 million chip guarantee, there are three that will be replaced by RPOS VII tournaments. These are:

  • No More Sorrow
  • Under the Gun
  • The Cut Off

For the Opal League, the Bleeding Me 250k event scheduled at 18:00 ET daily will be replaced by a High Roller Showdown event from September 27th through October 6th. The Opal Gemstone Leaderboard WILL run as normal during this time.

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