Elite Stakes Tournaments

Hi everyone,

I’ve been getting really into poker on replay and I’m getting a pretty decent bankroll now. This has mostly been through the ring games but I prefer doing the SnGs and the odd MTT whenever they’re on (I’m in the UK so often there aren’t that many games on before late in the evening).

However, as my bankroll has just gone past 6M on this account I’m beginning to feel that soon almost all the tournies except the ‘Granddaddy of them all’ aren’t really big enough to be significant to my bankroll as I attempt to build up to my ultimate aim of a 100 million chips and I’m getting more limited to ring games. I was wondering if as the site grows and the number of high stakes players increases it would be possible to have some elite stakes tournies (say 500K to 10M) on a more regular basis. There could be 500K, 1M and 2M SnGs and more high stakes MTTs with daily 500K, 1M and the odd 2-5M tourney, as well as an elite stakes leaderboard which would make playing tournies far more profitable for the high and elite stakes players.

I can see the problem that these games might be fairly empty, and the MTTs might not have very many entrants at all, but I reckon that soon there will be enough players at this level for this to become a good permanent feature.

Correct me if this is not a realistic new addition to the game, but I would definitely play a lot in these tournies and I’m sure there are others who would also want this to be added.

-Flyinghigh- :wink:

I used to play exclusively in multi table tournaments for a long time and I accumulated chips slowly, but recently I have started playing ring games and my chip count is growing like ten times faster. Maybe I am getting lucky recently but I have found that ring games are many times more profitable than tournaments for me at least so I prefer them now and am more interested in them than I was in tournaments, even though I do not play the highest stakes tables yet (right now I like playing the 2k 4k tables).

If there were higher stakes tournaments I might be more interested in playing them.

I agree ring games are the best to build a bankroll, we discussed about it in another topic:

I’m not sure I’d play in high stakes MTT since 50k to 250k is fine imo, you don’t really play tourneys to build your bankroll but more for the competition.

Thanks for the reply. I think that SnGs can potentially be a more stable and enjoyable method of building a bankroll if they are at a decent stake level and I think that they are probably my strong point when playing poker (I’ve averaged nearly 9000 tourney points over the last month). However my problem now is that even with a huge ROI, these tournies are never going to be profitable enough for my bankroll without higher stake levels.

I had a turbulent couple of days and now my bankroll is up to 11.5M. Entering a 200- 250K tourney really isn’t big enough now :frowning:. Guess I can still carry on playing for fun though :slight_smile:

If you honestly think 250k is too small for your 11.5 mill bankroll then you’ll have no idea how normal bankroll variance works. Additionally with ring games it’s is very easy to gain chips, but just as easy to lose them. I leaned this this hard way, in a past life j had 28 mill on here and now I’m broke!

250k x 20 = 5M he’s got twice as much so his bankroll strategy is fine IMO. with a classic 20x or 5% of his bankroll he could buy-in for 575k.

It’s really paradoxical to give bankroll management advice when you can lose such a big bankroll :smirk:

Yeah my bankroll strategy is pretty terrible, hence why I was able to get from 6M to 11.5M in two days, but I still think that 250K is fairly small for my bankroll at the moment, especially seeing as this is a free money site where gaining a tiny amount has no benefits at all and I don’t mind going bust too much. Anyway, this post wasn’t really about bankroll management in the first place- I just think that there are a lot of people who would like elite buy in tournies on this site like I stated at the start of this. Don’t worry about me, I’ll probably be bust by the time any staff even look at this post. :sob:

A leaderboard for Elite stakes is not planned for the moment, perhaps in future.

But if you want to play them without leaderboards it is not a problem to run them.

The highest high stake SnG for the monthly SnG high leaderboard is with a buy-in of 200K.
It is no problem adding a 500K and a 1M SnG, but the won tournament points will not go toward the high leaderboard.

On Sunday we run the Granddaddy of 1M.
If there is intrest we can run a 5M MTT weekly (will not count for the leaderboard)
And if there is interest on what day and on what hour (ET) the interested players want to play that tournament?

I cringe just thinking about a 5M buyin…bbrrrrrr

Wow! That’s great! Having a 500K and 1M SnG added without tournament points is fine for me- I don’t really pay too much attention to them. I would really like a 5M weekly MTT as well- imagine the first place prize :smiley: . Maybe there could be some kind of promotion for it so people know about it. Personally I would like it at 8:00pm or 8:30pm BST on a Saturday (I think that’s 3:00pm to 3:30 ET?) but if US players want it at a better time for them maybe it could alternate times like the Grandaddy.

Thanks for replying!

Haha well I’ve started to learn! And I got some chips back!

I quit playing on this site a couple of months ago because there seemed to be no more challenges, but I stumbled on this post and decided to comment. There should be Elite stakes MTTs because it is too difficult to get SnGs started (plus the highest stakes seem to be 200k for SnGs anyway). I believe that while the participation would be low at first, the guarantee that the tournament would start at a certain time would increase participation, and the increase in stake would eventually make MTTs a good way of bankroll building instead of just ring games.

I really prefer MTTs to ring, but once I got to 50,000,000 chips I couldn’t bring myself to care about how I was playing in tourneys because the 2,700,000 prize from a 250k buy-in just didn’t seem to matter. And yet the 250k were actually a new improvement to the site in the past few months; they were still not enough. According to correct bankroll management I should have 25-40 buy-ins to play at a certain MTT level, but 50m is 200 buy-ins at 250k.

SnG New!

SnG Regular (9 seats) and SnG 6-Max with buy-ins of 500K, 1M and 2.5M
Excluded from Leaderboards.

Easy to find: use your select boxes, Holdem, No-Limit, High Buy-in (will be later Elite)

Higher MTTs coming later this week.

Awesome! Will have to try them out later tonight! :smiley: :smiley:

Actually proper BR nmangement dictates you should have at least 100 buy ins for tourney play.

http://www.pokernews.com/strategy/an-introduction-to-bankroll-management-19610.htm nah not for STTs and the high stakes MTTs are more like 45 player SnGs. Anyway as I said this wasn’t a post about bankroll management it was a suggestion for higher tournies…

If you look at the least cautious option

Sure but I’m not going to be super cautious on a free money site. Not saying its bad but personally I like to risk a bit more and have more fun on this site- and my roll is now at 65M so I can easily enter the new 1M and just about the 2.5M SnGs. :slight_smile: