Editing profile page

Is there a problem with Profile Edit page? I load profile page and all ok … click on Edit Profile and it goes to page for about 1 sec and then blanks out with “loading” indicator spinning, but never actually finishes loading. If I click on “reload” it flashes again and then same problem

No I just tested it and it works fine. Can you try again please? Also let us know which browser and version you use. I take it you’re not using the old website?



Using Firefox 20.0.1 New website I’m speaking going to edit FROM THE PROFILE PAGE using the “edit profile” button there. I can get there from the dropdown menu on this forum page, but when I go from the Profile Page direct, it acts as I described in the original post.

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, here’s a screenshot video of the problem that I recorded this morning.


I hope it helps as I am still having the problem.

Thanks in advance. John (Jack)

P.S. I guess I’m able to edit the profile page from here because it’s a different profile page?

Love the video! That’s super helpful, thanks! We’ll get this fixed asap and let you know when you can access it without any problems.