Editing posts in the forums

It’s unclear to me why after editing a post in any thread, everyone can see the original pre-edited post, and the edited one.
When I edit a comment I posted, it’s because I want to correct mistakes, or change sentences, that I don’t want others to see anymore. So why is it that anyone can click on the pencil and see everything that I don’t want them to see? It just seems absurd to me. Shouldn’t only the final version of my post be visible to others?
I can understand the original unedited post being visible to the poster only. That could be useful. But it should not be visible to other readers.

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Hi Maya,

Thank you for pointing out this anomaly and it has now been corrected. It is no longer possible for other players to view the original posts when they have been edited.

Warmly, Kate


Thank you Kate, much appreciated!


Has the option of editing older posts been dropped or is it just me??
Once a post is a few hours old I can’t edit it.

Yes, there is a two hour window to edit forum posts

I have no problem with anyone seeing my editing process which typically consists of grammar and punctuation. Or maybe a last minute additional thought.

I firmly believe that making an edit history available on forums keeps folks honest.

I could write, “Maya is a sore loser.”
To which Maya responds, “Not me! You are!”
I then edit my post to read, “Maya is the best poker player!”

I honestly don’t think it’s a problem here but I’ve seen that sort of abuse in other internet forums.




It used to be open timeframe. I would hope it reverts to its historical setting.

I think that if someone quotes you, it also freezes edits. Which Maya will test.

Yes I can still edit.

I agree 100 % DaffodilFine. I actually think it is somewhat of a problem here. Why would someone wanna edit posts if they now dont want anyone to see them like the original poster mentioned? Dont u originally post things for people to see? Why have to go back now and remove or edit them? Like u said it keeps people honest. I guess some posters are getting around and dodging that point u made. And how are posters able to now go back and edit or delete their posts if its past the 2 hour time frame? only by giving exceptions to some posters if thats what they can do.

To clean up spelling or punctuation errors or reorganize for clarity of meaning.
Doing it for other reasons seems almost dishonest, though I suppose as poker players, we are allowed to bluff.

Exactly … who cares if you see these errors

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I would like to see forum moderators work with posters to ensure that posts have correct spelling, punctuation and that the posts are logical and make sense…

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lol I didn’t mean to remove my post… so I will repeat what my comment was … I have no problem with people seeing the post before it was edited

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Maybe other people can sleep at night after re-reading a post and realizing they’ve made a grammatical error or left out a key word. :scream:

I envy them.

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changing sentences and not wanting others to see them is not a grammatical error, and working on proof reading before hitting send might help that, i envy those

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I guess I’m lucky… people don’t want to read my posts before or after I edit them.

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This is a topic that is 5 months old, where the forum mods agreed that this was an anomaly, and fixed it.

Just to clarify, not wanting others to see previous versions of edited posts has nothing to do with honesty/dishonesty. This is a very negative twist on the topic.

Here are some examples:

If I misunderstood someone’s post, and I replied. Then I realized the mistake after posting my reply, which I edited and corrected, I wouldn’t want that someone that I replied to, and everyone else in the forum, to be able to see the original post, which I might find embarrassing. Maybe others don’t mind, but maybe I do. And it’s my post, and my business, not anyone else’s. Is that dishonest?

If I posted a test, or a quiz, and by mistake, I had the answer posted at the end of the quiz. I need to be able to edit the post, remove the answer and leave only the question, without everyone being able to go back to the original post and see the answer to the quiz. Is that dishonest?

If I made a grammatical or spelling mistake, realized it, and corrected it. I wouldn’t want everyone to go back and see that mistake. It’s nobody else’s business. Others might not mind, but I do. Is that dishonest?

If in my post I said something that I regretted saying, to or about someone, and I went back and edited it, either softened the language used in order not to be offensive, or removed the parts where I mention them completely. Of course I wouldn’t want them or anyone else to see the parts I edited. Is that dishonest?

The bottom line is, while some of you don’t care if others see their errors, others do. When someone changes something in their post, it’s because they don’t want to post the original anymore, and therefore don’t want others to see it anymore. If you want others to see the original mistakes, or don’t mind if they do, just do what SPG just did, add “Edited” to your old post, and post your corrections. Those who use the edit option to change something in their posts don’t want you to see their original post, and you shouldn’t be able to see it.

By the way, when I started this thread, it was because I had posted the answer to one of my quizzes along with the question, and obviously didn’t want anyone to be able to see it. Luckily the mods remedied the situation immediately and effectively as they always do, and I thank them for that.


Dishonesty is in the eye of the beholder :wink:

u might want to edit that, i have never removed or edited 1 post, never had to, transparency is very important in public forums

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