Easy to avoid paying blinds in ring game Hold-em

One can avoid paying blinds in ring game Hold-em by sitting out, then clicking the “pay blinds” button, but then sitting out again before the blinds actually get paid. It takes patience, put avoiding blinds should not be possible.

73228833 73228901 I meneged seat out seat back , click on pay SB button, then seat out again -seat back again, then it was not payed my blind, I have to chose to pay , and see my cards to dicide to pay or not. You right. Thanks for reporting.

You have to unclick the “auto post blinds” button first to test this bug.

Great! I think a 100,000 chip reward is in order. I’m perfectly serious. Make it happen.

:slight_smile: I find over 100 bug in 3 year… work at least 2 hour a day… no extra chips

This is a major bug. Giving free chips for revealing a bug is fair. Why should anyone help a corporation that does not show its appreciation in a tangible way? I have to suggest that no one ever help Replay ever unless this is resolved.

Im just a user, like yourself. Its a free site with very limited resources…chips can crash the site (seriously) … Your words very demanding… Im happy give back something for this community. Besides, the staff may already know, as aprox 100-200 bug/issue alrady have ticket and they work on it in order, “major” first ofc. I personaly dont think this is it.

Sorry I somehow missed this topic. So, thanks for reporting it brtritch, it’s a known bug and it’s top priority on the to-do list to get fixed.

I find it unusual to pay blinds when first entering a ring game beyond the blinds.

Just to be clear: This was a previous-to-my-reporting-it known bug, or it is now a top priority to fix?

Both, it’s a known bug since before you reported it (other players have reported it too) and it was and still is a top priority to fix. It’s just there are a couple of even higher priority issues to fix involving slowdown between hands on large tourneys and dropping connection during a tourney rebalance that’s keeping us occupied. But all three should be tackling within the next couple of weeks, hopefully sooner.