Early Bird League

Hi Folks, Cheers!

The Early Bird League, is a team based league. Games are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. All games will start at 3:00pm. Games include NL Holdem, NL Omaha hi/lo, and heads-up contests.

The league is scheduled to officially start August 2nd, with practice games to get the feel of the game structure and time one week earlier.

You can find all the info here Early Bird League Rules and Guidelines

We welcome you to join us. Please contact Larry_Laffer (Larry Shutts) or Weedwom420 (Whitney) if you’re interested in joining or even starting a team.

Thanks for reading, good luck to you @ the tables.



We are getting quite a few players together. We are looking for at least 2 more team captains.

Captains needed bad! Please get back to us if you’re interested.

Cheers -Larry

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Practice games will commence starting 7/24 onward. 8/2 will be official start at which point scores will count towards your team. Currently still team building. Come join us!




With close to 50 members strong, the league is growing every day. We are asking for 1 more team captain to come forward. We can even give you enough members to start competing. Team captain is responsible for scheduling players, and providing direction to it’s teammates when needed.

Contests are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 3:00pm EST. (3:00pm USA, NY time)

Thanks for reading.


I have a 19 page spreadsheet to keep track of the stats in the Early Bird League, took some work to create, but worth it. Official Early Bird League Stats - Google Sheets

First practice is scheduled for 7/24 at 3pm EST. The first MTT is open to all members of the Early Bird League as a meet and greet. After 7/24 the MTTs will be played per the guidelines, 6 players max from each team.

Also scheduled at the same time is 2 Heads-Up matches, to be played by 1 member from each team.

Heads-Up schedule: (Team captains should designate 1 player)

One on One table 1: KingzRatz -vs- One Hit Wonders
One on One table 2: Phil’s Pot Chasers -vs- Kitty’s Krushers

Thank you


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Current team rosters, captains please double check list for errors.

Grampenstein (Captain)
Jazzbythebay (Team Coach)
Will_Lira *new
Okigotit2 *new
Dimo0048 *new
Longsnake83 * new
Dixiesbp *new

One-Hit Wonders
Larry_Laffer (Captain)
Grizy- (limited availability, check with before scheduling)
*ChoChoCharlie *new
*Esskay85 *new
*Rootman311 *new
NtnWyde *new
DavVanwinkle * new

Phil’s Pot Chasers
Kondrad (Captain)
Cenzodaro *new
Skalar37 *new
Wggdrg28 * new
CygnusX1 *new

Kitty’s Krushers
Kitty21 (Captain)
MrZick -Monday & Thursday
GSOPhil *new
Bentix *new
Beauholt *new
BAMA18 *new

*new = New to team play


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First Practice stats:

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Congrats to the:

KingzRatz winning the first practice match with 99 points
Phil’s Pot Chasers 2nd place with 72 points
Kitty’s Krushers 3rd place with 56 points
One-Hit Wonders 4th place with 48 points

Honorable mention goes to Kitty21 winning the individual title with 30 points, for the first match.

Cheers to everyone who attended. Was a fun, enjoyable game.

Thank You!


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Welcome to the Early Bird League forum!

Are you ready to rumble! Did you know that that guy gets like $1,000,000 every time he says that before a match, that’s very close to what I get for write ups, except for the one part of it that, well OK maybe I don’t get anything but, what I do get is the joy of pointing out some good poker play, and for me that is enough.

The first practice match was played tonight in the Early Bird League.

Most players just want to play, some players want to provide a place for you to play with old friends as well as make some new friends, that is what Larry and Whitney are doing, it takes a tremendous amount of work to put a league together, hold on I need to turn off that beeping noise on my phone sounds like it’s playing music there is so much communication going on in the organization and startup of this league.

But that’s what it takes, people willing to make the commitment for you the player, I know you probably said it already but don’t be afraid to say it right here in this forum, tell them and your teammates what a great job they’re doing.

Let’s get to the final table in the Omaha hi/lo game.

@SuzyQQ from the KingzRatz was edged out right as the final table formed, but played like a champ and took the 9th spot, by the time the final table had formed, big blinds were 2000 and the short stacks needed to make a move at this point.

@Larry_Laffer from the One-Hit Wonders step right up but unfortunately ran into pocket kings and took 8th place, next was @tjmcfarland of the from the One-hit Wonders who got chopped up by Kitty and Nate, and took 7th I am pretty sure tj is new to team poker but did very well, next to take on the field was @dimo0048 from the KingzRatz another new player that went down fighting, Sue had his number, and dimo took 6th place.

Then @mrzick of the Kitty’s Krushers was short stacked and made a move before he was blinded out, but Kitty in a forced blind sent him packing but a nice 5th place for mrzick.

Now we’re down to the final four and @nateogreato of the KingzRatz pushes, but it didn’t work out, and he takes 4th great playing nate, and just so you know nate won three silver donks in a row, he is no push over.

Next to go out was @Sue13, of Phil’s Pot Chasers there may have been a missed pass from her teammate, but this is not an easy game to learn quickly, I’ve been playing poker for 40 years and it took me a little while to settle in Sue takes 3rd and she is one of my personal favorites, just sayin.

The heads up play at the end was a tough battle between @cenzodaro of Phil’s Pot Chasers and @Kitty21 of Kitty’s Krushers but in the end Kitty took the win and the most points for individual player,

But today’s team winners are the KingzRatz!!! Well played.

Larry posted the important info pay close attention and play your best!


Awesome recap!!!
Thank you Sir


Love the Bird and the recap. Gonna have some fun here.

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Nice Michael!!

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Love this! We are very lucky to have you as our Mentor & League Commentator extraordinaire :clap: :clap:
… and apologies again for my error Mr Zick. Still learning.


Never played Omaha high/ low before. Once I registered by mistake and was completely lost. When I undermined my teammate Sue hand, I had a very good high and low hand. When she bet before me, I had no idea on how to bet, so I went all in to say I have a winning hand high/low. Never realized I would destroy her bank. Apologies Sue. I went into the final play off regretting what I just did and less confident. which contributed to my demise. I appreciate all the support and encouraging words from the team Captains and other players. In all it was a great learning experience for me, thank you for asking me to play. Cenzo


You are already on the right track, being able to discuss a hand without ego getting in the way, you’re going to be a great team player, there are many variables in team play, just remember every time you have that 20 seconds to act on your hand look around the table, look at your teammates stacks, and think to yourself, what can I do right now to bring my teammates up to par, protect them and get them to the final table with me, and then act on your hand, when you get to the final table, think about how you and your teammates are going to win this thing, even out your stacks so all have a better chance at competing/surviving, and try to accumulate the most points while taking out your opponents. If you do that, you won’t just win, your whole team will win, your captain will discuss something we call power stack with you as you progress. Good luck in the games.


My new friend and mate cenzodaro. You played an awesome game first of all. Never having played team, I was amazed at your play, not to mention never having played OHL, Actually, I asked someone when I got to your table if you knew team play and they weren’t sure. So with that, it was my bad thinking you did and betting so high expecting you to pass. You fooled me. LMAO. It was only practice, a time to learn and we both did. I am excited to play more games with you. I will message you and maybe a few of us can practice on a private table. Just have fun. Ask my other team mates and they will tell ya I still drive them crazy playing team. I must be a better one on one girl. I just try to have fun. No worries though. It is all in the learning process, Have a wonderful day.


WOW Michael, that was expert advice. Thank you very much. He really played a great game not knowing team or the game. Wish I started off that well. Oh wait, wish I was that well now. lol Might use this info of yours for our whole team if ya don’t mind. So happy you will be our recapper. Is that a word? :heart::heart:


No problems, Kitty you are one H+ll of a player and glad to team with you!


stealing to add to poker tips,