During a tourney Non Player Messages

And here we have MASNER making comments as usual cutting down people, in a tournament even, lets take care of this player before it gets worse and worse please. Thank you

ealer: ** Hand [ 49626862 ] started ** Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Jh 2c 6s ] Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 7c ] Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Jd ] Dealer: YARDOG51 shows Pair, Jacks [Jd,Jh,Th,8h,7c] Dealer: Pummelr shows Three of a Kind, Jacks [Jc,Jh,Jd,Qd,7c] Dealer: jeffcask shows Two Pairs, Aces over Jacks [As,Ad,Jh,Jd,7c] Masner : pummelr, hows those roids treating you?// Dealer: * Pummelr wins 752 Dealer: ** Hand [ 49626870 ] started ** Masner : oh ya u cant say n e thang, BONG Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Qh 8h 3d ]

And another needs a warning.

Such language! Dealer: ** Hand [ 49654002 ] started ** Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 3c Js Ks 5d 6d ] Dealer: fernandez666 shows Pair, Jacks [Jh,Js,Ks,8h,6d] Dealer: Pummelr shows Two Pairs, Sixes over Fives [6c,6d,5h,5d,Ks] Dealer: * Pummelr wins 9480 fernandez666 : lucky ■■■■ Dealer: ** Hand [ 49654067 ] started ** Dealer: Pummelr mucks Dealer: * Pummelr wins 10


Pummelr and Masner sittin’ in a tree!!!

he gets what he deserves. he has done much worse and i havent been here that long. grow up and get ovr it. move on. u cant cry evrytime some1 says something. we r all adults here right?

cornholio : lmao ryan_barringe : i waitin for spot to open up Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 5s ] the_beardsley : silly ■■■■■■ dicks are for chicks cornholio : i see ur schwartz… ZiggySlimz : tell pumml cornholio : lmfao Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 4s ] Dealer: Frisky4Aces mucks Dealer: * Frisky4Aces wins 2998 Dealer: ** Hand [ 49706222 ] started **

and more mute mute him


traight, Seven to Jack [Jd,Ts,9d,8h,7h] Dealer: ryan_barringe shows High Card, Ace [Ad,Ts,9d,8h,7h] Dealer: Damu_Rida shows High Card, King [Kd,Ts,9d,8h,7h] Dealer: * the_beardsley wins 14408 Dealer: ** Hand [ 49706750 ] started ** the_beardsley : wow pummelr i need more chips help me out ryan_barringe : i told her shut hell up and go find new table i aint going put up with ppl freakin cryin its damn game it aint real money

the_beardsley : lol Dealer: * Dealt to board [ 9s Kc 3c ] ryan_barringe : lol the_beardsley : yeah i know that one the_beardsley : pummelr dont be shy chip bag Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Ad ] Dealer: the_beardsley shows Pair, Aces [Ad,As,Kc,9s,8s] Dealer: * the_beardsley wins 7996 stevehop4444 : nh Dealer: ** Hand [ 49706766 ] started ** TommieSue : n1 ryan_barringe : nh the_beardsley : ty ty the_beardsley : ty TommieSue : yw TommieSue : gl ryan TommieSue : gl manu ryan_barringe : ity

Dealer: * Dealt to board [ Ad Qc 6s 8c 4d ] Dealer: the_beardsley shows High Card, Ace [Ad,Qc,8c,6s,4d] Dealer: ryan_barringe shows Pair, Aces [Ad,Ah,Qc,8c,7h] Dealer: manu shows Two Pairs, Aces over Eights [Ac,Ad,8h,8c,Qc] Dealer: * manu wins 9711 Dealer: ** Hand [ 49706775 ] started ** TommieSue : vnh ryan_barringe : i like win damn han ryan_barringe : d manu : ty TommieSue : yw TommieSue : lol the_beardsley : if pummelr is a guy his balls must of fell off durn birth ryan_barringe : i turning u in manu

I guess they are jealous.

We need some muting very badly, way too many trash mouths, as you can see by the examples.

The site needs to put a stop to this verbal abuse.

suks when the shoe is on the othr foot huh?

why would i be jealous of you crying to moderators when you lose hands posting dumb stuff to the owners suggestion box where real players post there thoughts about the game and what they could do to make the game better not to hear you wine about the members hating you or anything and defiantly not for trying to get people muted just because you are. i usually sit back and not say anything but when i find out your trying to get me muted for nothing besides you loseing your chips to me and everyone you play with, i almost wonder if you and grannybarbra are the same person ! but i only came here to say grow up pummelr this is an adult site as long as there is no sexual harassment then why waste time to report it and cause you know it wont work. no mod’s are listening and i feel the owner won’t either.

pummelr ■■■■ you i live in michigan Vassar michigan to be exact come find me you have a ass beating comeing! come and get it ■■■■■ boy

This is not the way.

this is the only way ■■■■■ yes you marcipan your ass will be beat too come to michigan vassar and look me up

Crap! beardsley is a bigger creep than pummelr!! How can that be???

hey now lets all stop acting like americans and get along. pummelr is a good god fearing man…right? i thought pummlr was very kind when he told me what he did to my mother. and thats no lie. he did. i was there