Dumping chips

Watching players dump chips to another is a drag.

If you see it, that’s something that needs to be reported. It’s cheating.


As @Alan25main said, please report it if you believe a player or players are cheating and staff will review the report. Chip dumping is against Replay Poker’s Code of Conduct. Below is from the Community Playbook Code of Conduct:

Nobody likes questionable tactics, especially on a poker site. At Replay Poker we’re committed to offering all players a fair and competitive hand of poker. Therefore, we absolutely DO NOT tolerate the following:

Collusion - a situation in which you and other players work together, either by sharing knowledge or other means, to gain an unfair advantage.

Chip dumping - a situation in which you lose a hand intentionally to another player in order to transfer chips and vice versa."


I was going to report it, but I failed to get the hand number before it was gone. I had to spend about a minute thinking about what had happened in the dump hand, and the previous hand. Sometimes there is a reasonable explanation for almost any action, IF you are willing to look hard enough. I tried, and could only come to one conclusion, chip dumping (I could be wrong, but I don’t think so). Who goes all in as the dominating chip leader at the table two hands in a row? And the second time folding and leaving the table before the recipient (immediately on his right) could call, thereby making the eventual call the only live hand remaining in play, thereby taking all the chips. If I recall, the chip leader garnered his/her stack in the same manner, but I can’t be positive. If you are interested it was the most recent tourney I was playing, within the first 10-15 hands, involving the two players on my right.

Is not…it may be against replay rules and you may not like it but it is not cheating…

If an action is against the rules then by definition that action is cheating.

Replay gives out chips every day. A player with far too much time on their hands could double/triple/quadruple that ration by setting up multiple other accounts and intentionally losing to the first account. That would be dishonest and it’s against the rules for good reason.

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County - Call it whatever you want. The point is, would you want to play on a table where all the players sitting down were dumping to your only opponent and then leaving the table having been felted in one hand? Wouldn’t that be fun? If you think that would be fun I, and seven other of my closest friends, would like to extend an invitation to you to play on a private table with us. We’ll play a total of eight single table games, same nine players, each game winner take all. Buy in - One million chips and no re-buys or add-ons.

NO…there are rules of poker and Replay rules for their site…violating Replay rules is not sheating

People do what they chose…personally I would stick around and see if I could take advantage of the situation while being entertained by the antics or go to another table…

Doll baby, if you ever figure out how to stuff an extra ace up your sleeve or deal from the bottom while sitting at a Replay table? I won’t call that cheating, I’d call that freaking awesome. But until then, when a venue has rules about the play and you violate those rules while in that venue, that is cheating, plain and simple. It’s in the dictionary. This is getting into semantics which is boring.

1 b : to violate rules dishonestly


It’s certainly not allowed in live games.

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What “antics”, other than the cheating, would you hang around to watch? Are you suggesting, that in your mind, cheating is merely antics. That seems to be what you are trying to convey. If I am wrong please clarify.

Replay sells chips…so they have a rule against “giving” ships to other players by betting and folding…

Playing heads up poker and intentionally losing does not violate any rule of poker but it does violate replay rules…

In a multiple player game it is considered collusion and violates Replay and Poker rules…

Yes… I would stick around and watch the antics (cheating)

Surely you don’t think the rule is in place because RP wants you to buy chips …when they give them away just for you showing up.

Well, yeah, I kinda do…

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Of course that’s the reason.

Set up 6 accounts- GrandyA, GrandyB, GrandyC, GrandyD, GrandyE, GrandyF. Each account collects the daily bonus. Then all six log into a ring table and five promptly go all in and fold to GrandyB. Then do that again the next day and the next.

If everyone did that, it would undermine their business model. Now why would anyone go to all that trouble? Ya got me. They sure aren’t playing poker. But then the same goes for buying chips in the first place.

In the ’ Code of Conduct ’ the following is stated :

Multiple Accounts & Sharing:
You may only have one Replay Poker account.
No sharing of accounts :You, and only you, are allowed to use your Replay Poker account.
Note: In order to prevent cheating, we do not allow players from the same household (or anyone sharing the same IP address) to play in the same ring game or tournament where 10 or fewer players are registered.


Collusion is team play, and the basic rules of poker say poker’s a solo game (except in very special circumstances such as events specifically designated as team events). You can try to spin it any way you want, but collusion is team play, team play is against the rules of poker everywhere, thus dumping chips is a form of cheating. Any other position just indicates an ignorance of the game.


Thank you all for your comments, I think the last two posts have answered the questions raised and I am now closing the topic