Drop Down menu

could you re-arrange the drop down?
I wish that the sign out could be a tad up farther on the menu?
the "LEAGUE ( unused) , TOP LIST, NOTES " could be switched with the bottom group …getting started, help, forums LOG OUT
to log out I need to always scroll down all the way.
Thank & a very HAPPY New Year to all

Thanks for the suggestion Roy96. It’s common practice to place the Log Out link at the very bottom of the menu, hence why we put it there. I think the real problem is that the menu bar itself is quite long and if you’re using a small screen it forces you to scroll down which is an annoyance. I think in future we’ll look at ways of reducing the number of menu options. In the meantime, if the computer you play on is a private one, perhaps consider just staying logged in. There’s no need to log out unless you’re worried about someone else accessing your account.