Drone travel?

I’m a new drone enthusiast and looking to see if we have any other pilots in the forums. I purchased my first drone last summer and was instantly hooked. On day 3 of my new hobby I promptly flew it into a tree and had it stuck 50 feet in the air over our empty pool. This was a used Phantom 3 Standard that I picked up off a Facebook exchange for $300. Not wanting to eat the 300 I went straight to my nearest Best Buy and purchased a Phantom 4 Pro. My plan was to rig up some kind of grappling hook to the landing gear and hook the landing gear on the P3 to lower it gently to the ground. Well the P3 fell from the tree about an hour before I was ready to put my plan into action. I’ll never know if I ran good or bad that day as far as the rescue operation went. The P4P was a substantial amount of more and I would have really tilted had my plan failed in a way that damaged the new drone.

Being from the Midwest and having fairly flexible schedules my wife and I like to drive when vacationing within the US. Even to Canada a few times. It’s fun and nice to be on the road just the two of us with nothing distracting our attention from each other. I received a text from her this morning and was informed we are going to Iceland in November. I’m going to have to put in some serious research to find out if and how I can take this drone into other countries and on planes. I’ve taken it to Canada twice but I didn’t ask them if it was okay :joy: I just threw it in the back and crossed over.

Maybe someone here has some experience with this and can direct me to some good resources for figuring this out. I’m afraid I might have to contact every airline we’ll be traveling and the FAA version of every country we’re traveling through to find out if I can take it and if so what steps/precautions I need to take.

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Thanks Guru! I’ll get into this tomorrow sometime.

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Just an excuse right ? Using these drones to fly over to your opponent’s house, look into his window, see that Replay Poker screen, check his hand and… there you go haha!

Anyway, enjoy your vacation to Iceland, in case I forget :wink: !