Dream table

Who would be seated at your dream table and why?
For me Daniel Negreanu would be first pick. His ability to read his opponent is almost magical. It’s like he can see the spots through the card. Phil Hellmuth gotta be there too. He didn’t win all those bracelets for being a donk and to see the poker brat explode live would be a bonus.


I would love to see Hellmuth explode in person too. So I’ll agree with you on having him at my dream table. I would also have Tom Dwan because I know he would play every hand and end up beating Phil Hellmuth with ridiculous hands causing him to explode. And finally I would love for Patrik Antonius to be there, because I really like his poker face :blush:
P.S. Can we also have Miss Piggy? After the last contest I’m really curious about how she would act in a poker game :joy:


Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Vanessa Rousso, Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey and Samantha Abernathy.

May I suggest you add Susie Isaacs?

I haven’t seen her play live before, but I did see a clip on YouTube when she went against Negreanu. From what I remember, she was eliminated and had a good hand too. It’s funny… a lot of the people we’re mentioning I haven’t seen on TV in quite some time.

Johnny Moss, Amarillo Slim, Doyle Brunson, Stu Unger, Johnny Chan… the old timers who started it all.

A lot of the old guys don’t get much TV time anymore. In some cases, age has caught up with them. In others, they’ve simply reduced the amount they participate, and of course some have cashed in their chips. It happens that my closest friend in Las Vegas has a sister (Roseanne) who is a very close friend of Susie Isaacs. I was present when Roseanne married a young man named Ron “Carolina Express” Stanley, who later had a very nice finish in the WSOP Final Event (I think Ron came in third, but I’m too lazy to look up the year, LOL). Mike Sexton, a fine player, still gets TV time, but as a broadcaster, not as a player, even though he has several WSOP bracelets and some nice Final Event finishes… It’s good to think about the old guys, isn’t it? Good luck.

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That’s very cool that you have that connection to Susie Isaacs. Yea, remembering what got me into poker was watching some of the old school players on TV. Phil Helmuth flipping out always amused me.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell and Jennifer Harmon, Doyle Brunson, and Daniel Negreanu, Mr Replay (because it is always great to beat the boss), Richard Gere (because Pretty Woman still makes me swoon) :wilted_flower::cupid:

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