Drastic Drop in Ranking

I’m fairly new. I do not understand the rankings. My ranking was 502,850 with about 11,000 in chips. I hit a big night and ended up with 30,719 chips. My ranking went down to its worst yet - 1,550,820. I wondered after hitting such a good night, it brought my ranking so far down?

You’re currently showing a rank in the 200,000’s with 30,340 chips. Maybe it was a temporary glitch? Or maybe while you had chips in play at a table, your rank dropped, reflecting only what was securely in your bankroll?

You’re still fairly low ranked, and there’s a lot of players who are of similar rank, so small changes in bankroll can have a drastic impact on your ranking.

When I was coming up, I noticed that for every time my bankroll would double, my site ranking would about drop by half.

It’s a long way to the top.


It takes 2-4 hours to correctly update rankings.
Rankings do not include chips in play.

Yes it must have been a glitch. I noticed the 200,— ranking a couple hours later. This is a great site. I feared since it was free, people would just go all in all the time. Players seem to play poker seriously even though it’s free. i may never pay for poker again lol. Thanks again.


yeah when you buy in to a game the rankings updated while your bank roll was depleted because you had chips in play. After you cashed out that lower ranking will still be displayed until the next time it updates.

the rankings go well over 1.5 million but you continually play the same people all the time
why is that ?.

You will get to a certain level and then you will run into a stream of bad luck but the bad
luck runs for month after month where continually you will be beaten by someone who
has been dealt just the cards he needs to beat you. You may say but that’s poker but that’s
not poker when it happens every day for months on end.

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Could you please explain why we can no longer contact you via the website mechanism.

Are you asking me “Could you please explain why we can no longer contact you via the website mechanism.” I’m confused. I’ve been on the website playing several hours every day. Thanks.

It’s because a crap load of people are buying a crap load of chips.