Download entire hand history as a dataset

I would love to be able run number crunching analysis on my full hand history. I’d love to be able to download my entire history in some format (be it csv, xml, or whatever) and then go to town on it with excel and sql.

When I say full hand history, I mean every bit of data that is needed to reconstruct the hand. Tournament id, table id, hand id, players seated by position, cards dealt, bets made, timings, and the outcome.

I imagine that would be a lot of data to download, so could put a strain on the servers, but if the load can be governed somehow, it could be manageable.

Is this something that Replay might offer someday? If you did, I’d actually be willing to pay for it.


I think you can get this with other third party sites, but I don’t know if it’d work with Replay.

I guess that’s good to know for if I ever start playing on other sites…

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Yes. I want this.