Double Endorsement Drop

I noticed I had a double Monthly drop today. I’m assuming it’s a simple glitch, has anybody else got it too? Not complaining and I expect one to be cancelled, but still interesting to see.


I got the same double drop…

I’ve got it also.

Check to see that the previous entry is a cancellation of the extra chips, as is shown in my transactions.

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for reporting this to us and so sorry for the error. We were able to fix the erroneous second deposit and this should be reflected in your account as a negative bank transaction. Thank you @jujube for providing a screenshot.


I hope the ones who reported the error got to keep the extra chips. Seems fair to me

nope sure didn’t

Would be a bonus but no, doesn’t quite work that way unfortunately.

We did make sure that everyone kept the higher amount of the two chip drops. :pray:


Everyone at Replay are the best and always fair to us all. Thanks :smile:

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Would have been a treat, but got the “cancellation or extra chips erroneously awarded” posted within an hour of the double bonus!