Don't underestimate the LADIES!

I will be honest, I don’t underestimate anybody at the poker table. Phil Ivey said anyone is capable of anything and I concur! Over time I learned so much about people from playing poker, I came to realize the frailty of both sexes.

Yes, all the top poker players are males and that’s not because women are bad at poker and the opposite is true. Man are bad at poker women are just there to have fun. I made most of my money playing poker against a man not female. The biggest losing poker players such as Isildur or Gus Hansen are male not female.

I am not here to say one sex is better than the other rather I want to point out a few things. When I started as a poker player, I quickly realize words, eye contact and what I say can flip a switch in a person depending on his personality. So one of my favorite tactics was to tilt my opponent. It’s so easy, one word at the right time and it is over and just watch him give all his chips away.

However, as effective as tilting and talking trash is. This tactic does not work against females. How do I know this? Because I had tried it and for the life of me, I have never been able to tilt a female. What usually happens is either the female would ignore what I say or if she is somehow effected she will just leave. I think it’s amazing because when I am loosing or if I feel someone is coming after me, I either fight back or try to show them who is the boss. If I am loosing big, I too have a hard to quitting!

After my experience with females at the poker table, I tried to copy them, and overtime by talking to the ladies I learned a lot of coping skills that they use to help them stay cool and level headed! So a lot of times when I feel emotionally down, I try to imagine what a female would do! HAHA! I know…

Anyhow, poker is a fascinating game that gives insight into the frailty of human condition.


You find it difficult to get an emotional response from women? Why am I not surprised?

All in good fun, @Ilovecat.


haha, it’s impossible to tilt a female. if you don’t believe me give it a shot… I think women are way stronger than us emotionally!