Don't take our tickets

Is it true you lose tickets after 30 days ?, if true this is really, really upsetting !!! I can give you many reasons if this is true.

Hi roofer

Never heard of it. Best you can do is send an email to Andrew can check your ticket history. Every day are 2 tourneys where you can register with a ticket. Even when you have the 15k buy on your bank , it will take the ticket if you have them for registration.

Possible that is happened, but Andrew can check it for you.

Greetings Happiness.

Hi roofer

Yes it is true (lol… you told me and i checked it out)

You have 60 days for using a ticket, when you not use it will expire, it shows on your bank page. But every day there are 2 tourneys you can use your won tickets, so it will not be a problem to use it in 60 days.

Thanks:) Greetings Happiness.

Tickets are usually set to expire after a certain amount of time. To check the time frame, head over to the Get Chips page and we tell you how much time you have left to use them. The Daily Million Tickets are set to expire after 60 days, as Happiness mentioned.