Dont like to play without seeing players names in these new format since Nov 15

It makes u dizzy, when the names dissapear and u show, call, fold, muck etc

I think it’s kinda cool!

I think it’s kinda indifferent…

May be supressing it should be a global setting.

Efforts however should go into fixing real bugs in the waiting list system: when you enter from a waiting list all your global settings (auto re-buy, auto top-up) are forgotten and you are seated without being able to set your buy-in level.

May be supressing this should be a global setting. For the very first time it seemed disturbing to me as well but after a few hands it become indifferent.

All comments, reports, ideas and questions are important for Replay. Thats why Replay has this Support page.

Some topics are easy to answer and others cost more time or need more feedback from other members.

The tech team is working very hard and the to do list is still hugh. And of course fixing bugs is important, they will fix the bugs with the waiting list soon.

But you can be sure that everything all members write here (and what is relevant) Replay takes seriously.

Happiness is right, we really value all players feedback. We read and try to respond to every comment, as our players are our most valuable asset.

abuelaadela, sorry to hear you’re not liking the actions on the player name badges. Actually this an effect that ReplayPoker always had, until a little while ago, when due to some bug it stopped working. We recently noticed this and made a quick fix to resolve the bug. The good news is that we’re working on a brand new html5 (non-flash) game client, that will work look different to the one we have now. So rather than spend extra time now on changing it back or giving players the options to change the effects, hopefully you’ll be a big fan of the new game client which will use different effects to those we currently use.