Dont have the chips I won on Nov 25 after 1.47 am

Hands I played between 1.47 and 2.30 am, on Nov 25, dont show in activity

I have also experienced the phenomenon that certain sessions are simply missing from my activity log. I have not raised the issue myself because it is not that important for me. More important would be to correct the table stats as soon as possible and show the total bankroll and the session balance at each table without any further clicking.

Thanks for reporting this. Do you recall what table you were playing on, or better still do you have an example replay of a hand you played during this time?

The table stats we still need to fix (that will then show the session balance too). Total bankroll you’ll have to wait for the new html5 version.

The activity report is missing the tourneys right now, but all the ring games should be listed. If anyone spots tables/hands/sessions not listed, please do report it on this topic.

Hi Paul, I cant have an example replay of the hands, because they are not marked in activity. I was playing at 2 tables the only ones open at that time. London Bride in low stakes.

Hope u can find the activity in those 2 tables. I remember leaving the tables with around 12,000 in each one

Sorry we haven’t been able to make much progress in finding out what happened at those two tables. Since we’re pretty busy right now developing lots of great new features, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to get a resolution any time soon. Hence I’ll just go ahead and refund you 24,000 chips now, thanks for your patience!


Thank you Paul, I look forward for the new features.