Doing good and moved

I’ve been playing for 2 years now and still can’t understand why a player who is doing well is pulled from one table and put on another table with people with more chips than himself . This is unfair to a player who is rated higher than themselves.

You have players who take advantage of this buy out bidding you so you have to go in and you’re out of the game. If you don’t go in then their bankroll just goes up. If a player is doing well they should be praised not thrown in front of a firing squad. You just happen to have a good game(few and far apart) and you are punished? WHY?

Thanks for listening


I think you refer to MTT…? “Table balancing may occur during tournament play. Table balancing is random and may result in players posting the big blind two times in a row. When the same number of players as seats at the table remain in a tournament, these players are brought together to the final table.”

You see, multiple tables, you just cant leave one player alone at one table…

Thats why need re-balancing Its a common thing in MTT. ATB

Hi Wayne,

Just to clarify further, this is how we determine who to rebalance during a tournament:

At the end of each hand in a tournament, we try to make an ideal distribution of the participants that are still playing by calculating the number of tables that are necessary for the number of players based on the number of seats.

We do this by choosing the N worst seats (i.e. players seated to the left of the Big Blind) from all tables where the number of participants is greater than the ideal. This means that even if the player has been moved already, they can be moved again.

Rebalancing is always based on the seated position, the player’s performance is not a factor when determining who to rebalance.

Cheers, Lesley