Does this sound like colusion?

I was playing in a MTT and getting dangerously low on chips with the blinds running dangerously high. I’m just trying to stay alive. The game is Omaha Hi/Lo and there is an anty but it’s really low so I’m not calling unless I have something pretty promising. To my left is the chip leader on our table with $20k. To his left a guy with around $6k. Everyone else has folded. I have a little less than $1k and the blind/min bet is at $500. Everyone is checking, (all 3 of us), which is good because my cards aren’t looking so strong any more. Out of nowhere, the chip leader folds when he could have checked.

This leaves the door wide open for the guy with $6k to bully me out of the hand without much risk. I really had nothing to call with. I had very strong low cards but there was not going to be a low.

So, I have accidentally hit the wrong button before. I’ve also seen a lot of people fold when they could have checked (Mainly to avoid having to show the weak cards they went in with, etc.) That wasn’t really relevant here and if it was a case of hitting the wrong button I assume he would have said so when I protested. I was not happy. I wrote in the chat: “wtf (player’s name)?” “no check?” There was no response whatsoever from anyone.

I checked out the replay to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. I was not. So I went back to the table and put a couple notes on the player for future reference. Not much else I can do at this point. For all I know he could’ve spilled coffee on his mouse causing the fold and he may ignore the chat box completely. I do know that I’ve played with him before and I’m sure to play with him again. I will be watching you closely!!! (Better keep a firm grip on that coffee cup, chump! lol)

I know this is kind of gray but it was black and red from my perspective. I was promptly eliminated and his fold definitely had an impact on my demise.

If his fold was intentional, (and there was no private communication going on between him and the other guy), would this be considered cheating? He wasn’t looking out for his best interest in that particular hand but I can’t say that there isn’t merit to the strategy as far as creating a long term benefit by virtue of accelerating my elimination. It was a dick move for sure, but is this cheating?

Did you check both players profile page to see if they were friends , but just don’t talk on table , so chip dumping isn’t obvious ? If they aren’t friends , I would say that he folded to not show the bad hand he had. Either way it suks , have been there , know how you feel .Good luck in future games !

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The game is Omaha Hi/Lo … chip leader on our table with $20k… guy with around $6k… I have a little less than $1k and the blind/min bet is at $500. …the chip leader folds… could have checked… leaves … $6k to bully me out of the hand… [/quote]

You have less than 2BB. There is no bullying here. You are a bump in the road that isn’t impacting anybody. If you had three low cards you should have been all in, or three high cards, or a pair, or Axyz. If you had two mediocre lo card and hi cards then a fold was in order.

“How to Win at Omaha High-Low Poker” by Mike Cappelletti is the bible on the game. It is worth the money even for free poker games. He writes of OHL, “… if you know what you’re doing, you can win more money playing Omaha High-Low than any other poker game.”


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Hell no its not cheating… There’s no rule that says I have to look out for my own interests, its just dumb if ya don’t… there are many layers to a MTT, and I can say there’s quite a few reasons to fold to a check. In this case, as you said, there was no communication you saw between players… therefore Replay prolly couldn’t even build a credible case against that player, neither can you. And you’re darn right , if I’m chipleader and I know a aggressive player will attack, sometimes I let them and then just pick them off later… thats just smart gameplay, why do all the work yourself.


The guy might have been chasing a flush or str8 did not hit and folded. If you are chip leader you have the luxury of taking chances…and that’s what its all about. How many times have you folded on to see the last card would have made you the winner. Like I said being chip leader gives you the luxury to bluff, bully, and just take chances, its all part of the game. I have a lot of friends on this site but at the table I have no friends.

I have seen signs of collusion before. They could be skyping or talking on phone while playing.