Does the Replay Forum help you to improve your game?

I already asked you to stop and so did @grapevine . I will not ask again….perhaps you need a break from the forums.

Stay classy always

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Very gracious of you to say and much respect.
Glad you’re positive always and don’t follow the ways of @Goatsoup . He’s upset he lost 600 million chips in a month :joy:

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@Craig_Anthony I simply would ask as that u not troll the Poker related subjects b/c u Do Not play and the advice I have seen u give is marginal at best. Example “Throw away ur Aces and play ur Kings” That is really bad advice and is just one example of many.

I do like ur taste in music :slight_smile:

Nothing personal just think the Replay community deserves the truth :slight_smile:

Sends me back to the original topic: Does the Replay Forum help you improve your game? and reply, Yes indeed I receive great knowledge and wisdom, about the great game of poker from everyone here. I hope everyone will continue to contribute that to us all.