Does it bother you lol

does it bother you when a player just keeps talking and talking and talking, yes or no !!

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what do you think my answer will be …lol

Only bothers me when their lips move…

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Good morning Harley 57. You have the ability to mute that players chat if it bothers you, top right of the screen.

Enjoy your day,


thankyou Craig for the info, I just made the topic for humor , lol

Oh OK lol

I knew that Harley :slight_smile:

Yes, i don’t like talk to much.

My complaint is spectators that talk constantly. No way to mute them!!

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Hi Jack. This is something that has been brought up by many players in another forum here and a fix is in the works now :+1:


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If I am disturbed by too much chat, I just scroll up a little in the chat box, and the current chat will be invisible = muted.

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i find that if I do not look at the chat box then I do not know what anyone is saying…

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So that’s why I never get a thank you from you when I offer congrats… LOL :slight_smile:


never say that on a plane Craig. lol

thats cause your cool .


Hahahaahha ! That was great ! :slight_smile:

I agree with you completely midwestjack

I’m so chatty I have been asked to:

  1. visit final table to cheer on my friends 2) cool it.

Both perfectly reasonable!!! lol