Do you want to know what irritates me to no end?

OK you don’t ? :slight_smile: well anyway… I know there is a wait on most all the tables I play on so I just sign up for a few. As I sit there…5 minutes…….10 minutes…30 minutes…I look around at all the players on all the tables and see several playing at 2-3 of them. Now how can u get a good experience playing if you are not concentrating on one table and enjoying the chat? Really wow! how inconsiderate to see people waiting and to hold up the tables. Come on guys, let others in during these busy times. Be considerate and show some sportsmanship.


I think everyone should be allowed to play as many tables as they want to. Playing one can get boring, unless you are with friends. It is easy enough to start a new table in rings, so never see a need to sit for 30 minutes. There was one group I was willing to sit that long to join, but once they knew I was waiting, someone would give up their seat :slight_smile: If you have friends like that, tell them you started a new table and most will follow.


I Agree with u paligirl waiting so long is annoying when others are playing multiple tables when its busy especially and they let clock run cause they cant keep up slowing game down…

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Hi @paligirl35!

In addition to what bahia said, you should also consider other reasons that people might be playing multiple tables.

If we consider someone who plays reasonably well at, say, 1k/2k, we would expect them to have a higher win rate at 200/400. Playing well on 3 lower stakes tables doesn’t take any more concentration than playing on 1 higher stakes table because, very broadly speaking, the opposition isn’t as strong. This gives the multi-tabler the same win rate as playing one higher stakes table but comes with less risk.

I know that “it’s only play chips” but some of us do take it seriously and bankroll building is important. Multi-tabling is a long proven way of increasing your win rate.

Taking that one step further, plenty of the higher ranked players, probably not the people you are complaining about, play real money sites. The same principle applies - play a number of tables at a lower stake to maintain or increase your win rate at a lower risk. Playing multiple tables on this site is great practice for that situation.

If somebody is comfortable playing 2 real money tables now, then coming here and playing 4 tables is a great test to see if they’re ready to do it when there’s cash on the line.

And, yes, to emphasise what bahia said, there is never a shortage of tables online! You do need to be comfortable playing heads up or short handed but it really doesn’t take long for a new table to fill up so, instead of waiting for multiple existing tables, open a new one and away you go :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and good luck on the felt!



Many times I call so-so hands out of boredom or follow to many bets… But I do notice that… When playing 2 tables I tend to play a more normal and profitable game. Barely calling so-so hands and that helps-- But that’s just Me. Found playing 3 Different types of Poker at same time seemed much easier with dark coffee. Now there is a Sizeable Problem with table sizing in Our House for some reason. Probably Natures Way of saying take it easy. Good Cards n Fun 2All

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Totally agree. I almost always play 2 tables bc 1 is just slow & boring. If Im with friends I’ll comment that Im multying & will be rude & not chat or I’ll quit & play only 1 table & be friendly.

For me the problem is there are a lot of missing tables from the lobby list. I would previously start 2 new 6MAX slow ring tables but now I’ll often only see 1 6MAX slow table available.

Regardless of our experiences & personal preferences I’ve only had trouble starting a new table during off-peak play time. Wait a little long, but certainly not over 15mins. As you said starting a new table is an easy solution.