Do you take player notes

Just a quick question out of curiosity… Do you use player notes?

If so what makes you decide to take notes? (See the person often in ring games/ tournaments? Or do you take notes on everyone you play against)

Also what kind of notes do you make about other players?

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I have never used Notes-- liked it much better when it was Stats instead

I take notes all the time for different reasons . I will put a note on someone if they are nice on the table so that I will remember them . I also put notes on players that annoy me , or players who don’t say nh , ty or gg so next time I don’t bother to tell then nh or gg . Sometimes I just put the word "idiot " in my notes on players who in my opinion are idiots.For me taking notes has been handy when registering for a game if I want to avoid the bingo players .


I find notes to be helpful since there are so many players here, and I’ve only been on the site for a month. Mostly just a few words reminding me of personality and playing style. Nothing fancy. I think its a nice feature for newer players who aren’t as familiar with the other players as we will eventually become.

Always thought it would be an awesome thing to be able to read the notes people have about you - strip them of all identifying characteristics so they would be totally anonymous and man would you have a valuable resource for players. Seeing what other players write about you would be a real eye-opener for a lot of us, and would be a great learning tool as well. Just a thought if its possible.

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For the ten years I have played on line, three of which was at Full Tilt Poker I have had a habit of watching games for at least the same amount of time that I play. If I have played a thousand hours here I am sure I have watched a thousand hours of play here as well. Years ago I watched card games in poker rooms. I would like to think that there exists a kind of poker gestalt, and that due to the accumulated hours of playing and watching that somehow I have learned things that have just become a part of my game. This is my hope but I have no real basis for believing if it is even possible. I also make a few notes on players and frankly the notes I do make are sophomoric… “TA”, “Bluffer”, “Plays Scared”, “Crazy”, etc. Do notes work? Is there a poker gestalt? Is anything written about it?


I don’t bother with notes. To me, it’s just not worth the effort on a free site.

If you do take notes, add the date you took the note. That guy you marked as a “fish” a year agon might have become a shark by now.

I only take notes on players ranked under 400 because my note for lower ranked players are usually “idiot”, “moron”, or “donkey”, but I have the same note for many high ranked players as well (and I have heard from players ranked in the top 10 that their notes are pretty much all “idiot”).

While it may seem that calling someone an idiot in a note is pointless and insulting, it is actually helpful information to have when playing against that person in the future. If I see someone ranked 200 and they call a bet in a situation that surprises me, I can look at the note and go “ohhh they doing something dumb”, whereas I would otherwise think they were making a good play against me. I also put notes that say “good player”, but those are pretty rare (although several people on this thread fall into that category).

The other info I try to include in notes is “aggressive” vs “passive” or "raises light or “calls loose” (although almost everyone falls into the latter category).

On pay sites, I used to send friend requests to the weakest players. Thus I thought of my buddy list as my “Fish Finder.”


I’m a SnG table specialist (bankroll nto high on site as to profit form SnG one must serial-play the same stake level over and over adn SnG is so unpopular on replay that I can’t do this so I risk higher stakes etc and lose big from time to time).

That being said, what I aim to do is to defy what notes anyone has actually written of me. I pay attention to myself more than anyone on the table. I only bluff if I’m sure I’m tight in their heads, I raise big instead of small if I’m certain that I’m registered as a bluffer in their heads at that point. I try to constantly see myself form other’s POV on the table and this has helped me dominate tables and beat players who are otherwise brilliant poker players just because of how suddenly i will alter my style.

There used to be stats? What were they like?

no, but I saw some replay. Can we make it full size?

I feel like we’ve asked for HUDS many times before and it’s not really been attempted

PLAYING FOR NOTHING BUT FUN , NO NOTES,. NG,NH, ETC. WHEN IT’S luck and saying it constantly throughout a game is ridiculous ,A. little chat is great but 3 of a kind on the river doesn’t call for NH,.

call Joe mr poker.

OK I will note that you don’t like saying gg nh or ty.

Bluffingitall, it is hard for me to remember yesterday; however, I do remember it tracking have many hands I had won or lost while at the ring game I was playing.

Yes. I note anything of interest to the poker game for future play; as all of us generally display trends and habits at decision moments.

i don’t use notes I prefer blunt force. I like to mix it up , & I love going all-in w/ the BB. I don’t unless I think I have a distinct advantage. When the chip count is low it provides cover , so to speak. You don’t know if I have it or I’m being desperate. I thoroughly enjoy throwing it around to get the stack back up to a respectable level. Let’s face it, if your stack has dwindled , what have you got to lose ? Ain’t like you’re about to win anyhow. Quite often I find myself back in the gm. Thenagain , patience is equalizer , or thereabouts. See ya out there :slight_smile: johnny

No Notes. Every table is different. Especially the ones with 9 players. What you might see player A do at one time might be completely thrown out the window when playing with Player B, C or D. What may have worked for them at another table, at another time, might fabulously blow up in their face at that particular table.

Yes. I usually play the head-to-head tables and if one of these all-in pre-flop guys who thinks poker is nothing more than a game of luck comes to the table, I will make a note on him and leave as soon as he comes to a table I’m on. All-in pre-flop reduces the game of poker to a game of luck. Poker is not a game of luck. It wouldn’t be anywhere near the interesting game it is if it was just a game of luck. Flip a coin or play old maid if you like a game of luck.