Do you set goals evry day?

A wonder my poker friends! Do you usually set goals for the day when you play? What do your goals look like? I myself always set the goal to get on the last table, then anything can happen if you are lucky too !! There are so many good poker players here and everyone wants to win! Has worked for me to have that goal, then it is always difficult to win a tournament, easier to fail, but if you achieve your goal, then you have succeeded !!

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In poker I have a simple goal, have fun playing with friends and other players…win or lose…

My only other goal is to wake up in the morning…

Acheive both of those goals…I’ve had a good day :slight_smile:


I used to set the goal of ending the day with chips ahead, come what may. It was a good goal, and I almost always achieved it. Now I just try to have a good time (and gain chips, but that’s now secondary).


When I plan to play, I set a very small goal for myself, and it gives me a lot of winnings. The goal is to raise my winnings by 10% of my bet, in fact, the winnings at first will not be big, but if you devote as much time to the game as I do, you will be very surprised. You’ll be able to walk away from your job relying on poker. It will bring in a good monthly income. Try it and you won’t be disappointed!

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You’re a professional poker player ? Earning your income from playing ?

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