Do you have a problem with your refresh rate?

Can you explain why, when you sellect dashboard and then play now, all the seats are taken? Also on ring games, a table appears to have a vacant seat but when you sellect “play now” all the seats are occupied? What is the point of these options if they dont work?

Hi parahandy.

Probably it is your computer. I had open the ring game lobby, saw on the line 8 seats were taken, saw on the right 8 players and when i opened the table i saw 8 players. One time the 9th seat was taken, i saw it on the right that a new player came in and when i opened the table 9 seats were taken. And on my dashboard it showed tables with only free seats. Guess when you high stake you see only high stake tables, but not sure about that.

Think it is a good idea to up-date your flash program Adobe or to re-install it.

Greetings Happiness.

Now other tables shown on dashboard too, but when 1 seat is free and another player clicks just before you on it, it is filled up.